First cohort graduate with Master’s in Non-Surgical Aesthetic Practice

06 Jan 2020

The first cohort of aesthetic practitioners has graduated with a Master’s degree (MSc) in Non-Surgical Aesthetic Practice from Northumbria University.

The graduates include nurses Jackie Partridge, Linda Mather, Simone Sansom, Emma Senior, Sharon King, Linda Strachan, dentist Dr Aileen Sloan and aesthetic practitioner Dr Martyn King.

Patridge, who recently received The SpringPharm Award for Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner of the Year at the Aesthetics Awards 2019 said, “This course allowed us to achieve academic excellence, in a sector that we are all passionate about. All of us that undertook this Master’s in Non-Surgical Aesthetic Practice did so to push ourselves to the top of our game. The industry of facial aesthetics has many one or two day courses, or sessions run by the suppliers, but to date there has been very little available of high academic calibre.”

She continued, “Having spoken with my colleagues we all felt that this course was quite a rollercoaster. Undertaking any academic study while working full time is always going to be a challenge, but we are also running business and have families too. There were certainly highs, as well as doubts and frustrations along the way. I think most of us started this course to gain the PgCert (Level 7) in first year. Before we knew it, the PGDip was upon us. During the second year, part of it focused on the research required for third year (the thesis for the Master’s), so those of us who could, just carried on. There was a lot of support, email exchanges and words of encouragement to each other. We got there and I’m so proud!”


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