Fvce launches at CCR

18 Sep 2019

Following a soft launch at the Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition earlier this year, online platform Fvce will be officially released at CCR on October 10-11.

Fvce.co.uk is an online marketplace for non-surgical aesthetics designed to connect patients with qualified practitioners through its website and app.

The company explains that a practitioner signing up to the online platform would be able to dictate their own working hours, choose between working remotely or at a clinic, access new patients in the area, manage a booking and secure payment system, have access to e-consultations and a digitalised consent process.

Fvce is founded by Dr Hussain Cheema and Cameron Roddha, who has a background in business development. Dr Cheema commented, “We wish to own our niche and be the one-stop shop for consumers desiring facial aesthetic procedures. Our market research shows that customers do not want to get their treatments from a platform that also offers a breadth of other beauty treatments such as nails or makeup. We stand apart by specialising, which gives the patient reassurance that Fvce focuses on quality and safely practised procedures.”

Roddha continued, “For the first time in a massively fragmented market, patients can compare vetted practitioners based on location, reviews, treatment and price. Fvce acts as a knowledge hub for facial aesthetics through thought leadership and complete transparency on the treatments. The platform uses technology to marry both safety and convenience.” Fvce only on boards qualified doctors, dentists and nurse practitioners. 


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