Home hair restoration kit launches

29 May 2020

Aesthetic manufacturer SkinGen UK has launched the SkinGenuity Hair Restoration Home Kit which aims to stimulate hair growth.

Featuring four 5ml bottles that contain 11 growth factors and 0.2mm microfusion applicators, the company notes the product can be used at home to treat pattern baldness. The kit also comes with a brush with hollow needles that aims to deliver more than 30 botanicals to support hair condition.

Aileen Cameron, executive director at SkinGen UK said, “Hair follicle stem cells require specific biosignals from within the skin to grow hair. In an effort to provide the necessary biological signals, growth factors and cytokines that are used to increase hair re-growth need to be added to the scalp. We are pleased to launch the SkinGenuity Hair Restoration Home Kit; a new product utilising growth factors and innovative Inter-Cell Messenger Technology to specifically target the regrowth of hair follicles.”


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