New skin tightening treatment launches

30 Oct 2020

Skin tightening laser treatment Endolift has launched in the UK.

According to manufacturer Eufoton Medical Lasers, the device uses an optical fibre which is inserted under the skin without incision to deliver laser energy directly to the subcutaneous layer. The energy initiates remodelling of collagen and connective tissue in photobiomodulation, which aims to result in visible skin tightening.

The company explains that at varying energy levels the treatment can be targeted for fat emulsion and laser assisted lipolysis, alongside skin tightening and collagen remodelling, face lifting, skin tightening and liposculpting for the face and body.

Aesthetic practitioner Dr Priya Verma, Endolift key opinion leader and trainer, said, “The arrival of Endolift in the UK aesthetics industry marks a revolution in non-surgical skin tightening; with no downtime and minimal anaesthesia, I’ve found this treatment modality to be a game changer in my clinic.”


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