Advertorial: Introducing EMSCULPT NEO into Your Clinic

By Dr Sabika Karim / 21 Jul 2022

Dr Sabika Karim shares her reasons for adding the latest treatment to her clinic, the EMSCULPT NEO.

Having worked in the industry for 15 years, I have witnessed the evolution in non-surgical aesthetics. Aesthetic treatments were once viewed as minimally invasive, meaning minimally effective, but we have come a long way. Our industry offers a real choice to patients now both as an adjunct to, or an alternative to, surgery. With investment into research and training, we have developed technologies and techniques that mean we can provide our patients with treatments they deserve and have learnt to demand that they are safe, comfortable, quick and have little or no downtime that provide substantial results. Moreover, it is not just about looking good, it’s about feeling great too, and now we can provide results that can’t be delivered in any other way.

Launching Skin Medical in June 2020 allowed me to create a clinic that is truly patient focused with an emphasis on patient education. Collaboratively we make informed, holistic treatment plans ensuring that every patient receives treatments that are perfect for them, well within their comfort zone to achieve their goals. We provide only the gold standard to my patients by bringing together a team that ensures unparalleled customer service, my expertise and clinical knowledge with the latest evidence-based treatments and protocols combined with the utmost in safe practice.

When I’m asked what I do for a living, my natural answer is ‘Give people their confidence back’. That’s why we treat the patient as a whole – it is not enough to just offer treatments for the face, as the faces I treat usually come attached to a body. Our holistic approach to patient care we can deliver unparalleled results.

Finding a new device

With all the developments in technology it is a thrilling time to be in medical aesthetics. Branching out from injectables or adding another device to the practice is exciting, but it can be confusing too. With a plethora of devices, it can be hard to choose what is right for your own practice. When evaluating a new technology, there are always important considerations. Is the technology tried and tested? Does it really work? Is it safe? Can it produce reproducible results? Is it easy to use? Does it fit my practice? Is it the best possible device for carrying out its function? Who’s there to help if something goes wrong?

Working closely with some of the industry’s leading companies, being a KOL and trainer, and having many years of experience treating the body with injectable lipolysis and fillers, ultrasound, cryolipolysis and radiofrequency, has meant that I have had the privilege to evaluate the best devices. At Skin Medical, we pride ourselves on providing only gold standard, evidenced-based treatments. We offer our patients a comprehensive variety of best-in-class body treatments, from injectables to energy based devices, and we were looking for a muscle stimulating and fat reduction technology at the same time. Therefore, it was only natural to incorporate EMSCULPT NEO.


EMSCULPT NEO is the first device to combine the patented HIFEM+ technology (for muscle building) and synchronised radiofrequency (for fat elimination). On average in just four 30-minute sessions, my patients can now increase their muscle by 25% and reduce subcutaneous adipose tissue by 30% in the treated area.1,2I was impressed by the science and evidence behind the HIFEM technology, with 40 scientific publications and the years of research and development that have resulted in the creation of the EMSCULPT NEO that is FDA cleared and CE marked. It was the clear choice.

What sets the EMSCULPT NEO apart?

The technology (the geeky bit)HIFEM+ technology produces thousands of electromagnetic pulses. The induced currents depolarise motor neurons that trigger muscle contractions. This leads to an induction of thousands of muscle contractions in a single 30-minute session. HIFEM+ energy induces supramaximal contractions at intensities that are not achievable during a voluntary workout.3The synchronised radiofrequency acts in a double manner. Heating the muscles enhances blood supply, prepares muscles for exposure to stress and results in a significantly higher expression of heat shock proteins, which plays crucial role in muscle hypertrophy.4,5 The RF also heats the subcutaneous fat to a temperature of 43-45oC – the levels required for permanent disruption of fat cells6,7 – and maintains this temperature by optimising radiofrequency emission based on impedance feedback, whilst safety is maintained by the skin temperature sensors.


The EMSCULPT NEO can be used to condition and improve muscle strength with or without treatment of the subcutaneous fat in the treated area. With two sets of applicators, a wide variety of body areas can be treated including the abdomen, buttocks (glutes), front of thighs (quads), back of thighs (hamstrings), outer thighs (saddle bags), calves, biceps, triceps and even that really hard to treat area, the inner thighs.

The results

Studies showed that EMSCULPT NEO treatments increases the satellite cells (myogenic precursor cells, important for muscle development, for muscle regeneration) levels by 30.2% two weeks post-treatment8 and the effect is muscle growth to a level roughly equivalent to 12 to 16 weeks of resistance training programme.8

Multiple studies also showed a consistency in results, so I know I can deliver the treatment to my patients in confidence that the results will be reproducible.

If an average reduction of 30% in fat and 25% more muscle wasn’t enough, the clinical studies show that the four treatments on the EMSCULPT NEO can give a reduction in waist circumference of up to 5.9cm and an average reduction of 19% in abdominal separation.


The safety profile of the EMSCULPT NEO is unparalleled. It has a safety profile acceptable to both my team and my patients.

Continuing R&D

I was drawn to the EMSCULPT NEO as it is a device borne of years of research and development, clinical trials and testing. The research and development does not stop there though, and I’m looking forward to the innovations that device has to offer in the future.

The manufacturer

BTL, the manufacturer of EMSCULPT NEO, is an aesthetic focused company with a history of many years of development of muscle stimulating technology and radiofrequency technologies. The technology they have developed has become one of my favourites, but it’s not just about the device. It’s about the people we work with. The BTL team are knowledgeable, supportive and best of all, I know they’ll pick up the phone anytime.

My experience with the EMSCULPT NEO

Since introducing the EMSCULPT NEO to Skin Medical there have been an abundance of very happy (and toned) patients. My patients love that it feels like a proper workout in just half an hour, usually while watching Netflix, and the resounding feedback is that patients have been surprised at how quickly they feel a difference. With no discomfort, patients can get bac Since introducing the EMSCULPT NEO to Skin Medical there have been an abundance of very happy (and toned) patients. My patients love that it feels like a proper workout in just half an hour, usually while watching Netflix, and the resounding feedback is that patients have been surprised at how quickly they feel a difference. With no discomfort, patients can get back to their normal routine and rather than having to wait 12 weeks to see the changes in adipose tissues, the changes in the muscles can be felt even after the first treatment. 

Patients tell me that they feel better before they look better. Improving muscle strength means that my patients can train harder and better (if they want to). EMSCULPT NEO has helped my patients with mummy tummy makeovers, core strengthening, improvement in posture, better bottoms and toned triceps for the reduction of flappy bingo wings. I’ve had patients who have had treatments for prehab and rehab to strengthen quads and hamstrings and patients alike who just wanted better biceps. 

The EMSCULPT NEO fits my practice perfectly as it is suitable for nearly all my patients, whether they have active lifestyles or just want a little help with toning. It can enhance the muscle strength and contour of the body, for both men and women and help to give back body confidence. It meets my patient demands of a treatment that is comfortable, quick and has little or no downtime that provides substantial results. It gives them a benefit they wouldn’t be able to achieve without significant time investment and sweat equity. 

Introducing the EMSCULPT NEO to my practice has widened the services we can offer our patients, but as ever it doesn’t end there. We want to be able to continue to offer best in-class treatments that meet our practice demand. 

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