Advertorial: Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics – Elevating Training Standards

18 Apr 2020

Aesthetics reports on the Merz Innovation Partner Workshop on March 5 and 6

The Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics (MIAA) is the training and education brand representing the full Merz portfolio. It is an expert-led educational brand devoted to advancing knowledge and providing UK & Irish Healthcare Practitioners with academic and practical skills to successfully compete in the area of aesthetics.

The Merz Innovation Board (MIB) is composed of a group of industry-renowned healthcare practitioners and key opinion leaders, who are all advocates of Merz Aesthetics. This group includes Dr Kate Goldie, nurse prescriber Helena Collier, Dr Simon Ravichandran, Dr Emma Ravichandran, Dr Julia Sevi and consultant plastic and aesthetic surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah.

The Merz Innovation Partners are a team of experienced trainers in the field of aesthetic medicine who lead the educational curriculum for Masterclass Series. This team includes Dr Kim Booysen, nurse prescribers Lee Garrett and Emma Chan, Dr Paula Mann, Dr John Tanqueray, and nurses Annie Cartwright, Aine Larkin, Anna Gunning and Julie Redmond and our new MIPs; nurses Freya Carlsen, Orla Grimes, Sarah Holness.

Also in attendance was associate professor for anatomy at Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica, Professor Sebastian Cotofana. In his scientific work, Professor Cotofana specialises in the subject of facial anatomy, facial embryology and histology. He is a regular keynote lecturer, organiser and chairman at international conferences and gives hands-on courses for plastic surgery, dermatosurgery and aesthetic medicine.

The vision is to create a highly valued, innovative and aspirational programme, bespoke to the needs of Merz customers. Through training and education, the aim is to create an expert network of Merz-accredited HCPs, confident in the use of Merz brands and raising standards in aesthetic medicine.

The Merz Innovation Partner Workshop is designed to gather our group of experts to share and build their skills on not only Merz products, but other topics relevant to aesthetic medicine.

Merz innovation board and partners

From left to right: Dr Kim Booysen, Dr Paula Mann, Sarah Holness, Dr Simon Ravichandran, Annie Cartwright, Dr Emma Ravichandran, Helena Collier, Freya Carlsen, Anna Gunning, Dr John Tanqueray, Julie Redmond, Dr Julia Sevi, Mr Dalvi Humzah, Emma Chan, Dr Orla Grimes, Aine Larkin.

Day one: BELOTERO®

Following a welcome and introductions from the Merz Aesthetics team, the trainers planned exciting new updates to the new Merz Masterclasses that began last month. Attendees also refreshed their pharmacovigilance training to ensure their knowledge is completely up-to-date when delivering the Masterclasses.

The education on the Merz products began with preparation for BELOTERO® injectable Masterclasses, shared by Dr Emma Ravichandran and Dr Simon Ravichandran. The pair used their expert knowledge to upskill MIPs on how to deliver these scientific presentations and ensure that key messages on how to use the hyaluronic acid dermal filler are clear and understood by Masterclass attendees.

In the afternoon, special guest Professor Cotofana gave an in-depth presentation on anatomy, showing unique studies, videos and cadaver images to contribute to the MIPs’ understanding of in-depth facial anatomy. In his talk, different injection depths, plains and layers were outlined, before the trainers were divided into three groups and discussions on injection techniques, depths, product choice and quantity for optimal results took place. Areas that were discussed included the temples and cheeks, and the lips and perioral area.

Day two: Radiesse®+ and Ultherapy®

The second day of the Merz Innovation Partner Workshop consisted of a Radiesse®+ Masterclass Refresh, led by Mr Humzah. He discussed the technology behind the calcium hydroxylapatatite dermal filler, its outstanding safety profile and the scientific studies supporting its efficacy. Live demonstrations of using Radiesse®+ in the lower face were performed, with considerations for facial assessment and injection technique discussed.

Dr Sevi then provided an introduction to non-invasive sculpting and lifting device, Ultherapy®. She outlined how the ultrasound treatment stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin deep within the skin, gradually lifting and sculpting it from the inside out with minimal downtime. Following this, Professor Cotofana led an engaging discussion on combination therapy using Ultherapy® and the injectable portfolio, which was well received by attendees.

The workshop ended with a review of learning objectives and summary of the key Merz Innovation message – to elevate training standards across the UK.

Merz Innovation Partners said…

“The whole Merz Innovation Partner Workshop had a strong and consistent emphasis on medical practice and the supporting scientific evidence behind our clinical practice and product choices.” Annie Cartwright, MIP

“I love the fact that I am still learning new and exciting information, which not only benefits my own practice, but ensures that as a Merz Innovation Partner I possess the latest knowledge to pass on to our delegates at our masterclass events.” Freya Carlsen, MIP

“Delighted to attend the Merz Institute Workshop in Glasgow, the highlight for me was anatomy and physiology with Professor Cotofana. The presentation, slides, and sharing of information far exceeded my expectations. I was literally on the edge of my seat!” Sarah Holness, MIP

This advertorial was written and supplied by Merz Aesthetics.

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