Advertorial: Sterimedix Innovations in Cannulas

20 Feb 2020

The only UK manufacturer of aesthetic cannulas leads the way in design and innovation

Sterimedix has led the way in the manufacture of cannula products for over 30 years. Based in Redditch, Sterimedix draws on the local history of needle making in the area which can be traced back to the 16th Century. Originally focussed on ophthalmic surgery, with the requirement for accuracy and quality, Sterimedix was encouraged to enter the aesthetic field through its long-standing collaborations with companies making hyaluronic acid based products for both eye surgery and then aesthetic procedures.

Introducing Silkann® cannulas

By bringing its skills to bear, Sterimedix was able to create and introduce the Silkann® range of aesthetic cannulas. The products were designed to meet the safety and quality needs of practitioners.

Medical device manufacturers operate in a highly regulated and controlled environment. Full regulatory and quality systems are in place to support the products, allowing them to be sold in all the markets around the world. Products are manufactured in clean environments to the tightest of tolerances and tested thoroughly before release to the market.

The Silkann® range is no different and is made to the highest possible standards in full compliance with local and international standards. Silkann® aesthetic cannulas pass through 14 different processes before they finally make it into a box. They are tested for consistency to levels you might find astonishing. For example, the inner diameter of the cannula cannot vary by more than 0.03mm from the exact specification. 

Why so strict you may ask? Because the ID of the cannula directly affects the force required to inject the filler, which in turn affects the performance of the filler. Consistency means that every time you use a cannula it should feel the same.

What else? The size of the port; same size every time. In the same position relative to the tip – every time. It’s smooth, with no sharp edges, which could compromise your procedure.

The surface finish is critical to help the cannula slide easily so you can manipulate it exactly where you want it.

The hub design has a unique screw thread which is compatible with all types of syringes, ensuring a secure connection between cannula and syringe. Some syringes from filler manufacturers have a different thread on them to other manufacturers. Silkann® aesthetic cannulas are the only cannulas available which can be screwed on securely to every syringe.

Introducing the GTI Cannula® Not content with producing products that meet the current needs of the profession, Sterimedix has sought to work with innovators to advance the technology. This is something Sterimedix is uniquely capable of doing as it has total control of its own manufacturing and design in its research and development department, as well as full regulatory oversight of new products.

As a result, the first GTI Cannula®, which is designed to treat surface defects and small scars, has been launched. The cannula, designed in conjunction with Dr Olivier Amar of the Cadogan Clinic in London, removes the need for the use of sharp instruments and provides for a highly successful and safe treatment. Clinical studies have confirmed the results to be highly favourable. The device opens the opportunity for all trained injectors to safely treat scarring. Two more GTI Cannula® products are planned for 2020 to allow abdominal treatments of larger and denser defects.

The future of Sterimedix

Sterimedix is committed to a positive contribution to the aesthetic profession by bringing high quality, locally made and innovative products to market. The company’s commitment resulted in the move to a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in 2019, allowing for further investment in production equipment and staff, expanding the manufacturing capabilities and capacity to continue to grow in support of it’s customers.

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