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24 Aug 2023

Neauvia introduces its brand new Smart Combination Therapy

In the world of medical aesthetics, one trend has taken centre stage: the power of combination treatments. Gone are the days when practitioners relied on singular procedures to address aesthetic concerns. Today, patients seek the synergy of multiple treatments to achieve remarkable results.

By harnessing the unique advantages of different procedures, practitioners can customise treatment plans, targeting individual needs and delivering comprehensive outcomes. This approach not only addresses multiple concerns simultaneously, but also minimises downtime and optimises cost-effectiveness.

Introducing Neauvia

Neauvia is revolutionising the market. Established in 2012, Neauvia has rapidly grown into a vibrant multinational medical aesthetic company. The company’s products are distributed in over 80 countries, empowering people globally to proactively, holistically and effectively take control of the ageing process. 

Neauvia’s philosophy is rooted in science, clinical data and the development of an iconic brand that appeals to consumers. Neauvia’s success lies in its portfolio of products, carefully designed to work synergistically and organically with the body. To support practitioners in their journey toward excellence, Neauvia has launched the Neauvia Channel. This innovative platform provides free access to on-demand scientific videos, training and online events. 

The Neauvia Channel is the first 24/7 aesthetic medicine channel dedicated to medical practitioners. It offers a wealth of resources, including scientific training, exclusive Prime Time Talk Shows and direct access to Neauvia Experts for personalised guidance.

Smart Combination Therapy (SCT)

Based on Neauvia’s comprehensive in-house portfolio of products, including fillers, devices and skincare, the Smart Combination Therapy SCT allows for synergistic treatment of different skin layers, delivering clinically proven results.

Neauvia’s fillers, equipped with the unique cross-linking technology ‘Smart Xross Linking’, combine hyaluronic acid (HA) and polyethylene glycol (PEG) to create a network with outstanding mechanical, rheological and thermodynamic properties. This PEG revolution in the filler market ensures optimal outcomes and patient safety.1

Neauvia also offers a range of energy-based devices characterised by advanced electromedical engineering. These devices are designed to work in perfect harmony with Neauvia’s fillers and cosmeceuticals.2,3

The Plasma IQ, an electric micro-scalpel, provides precise and controlled skin lesions for non-invasive surgery. LaserMe utilises non-ablative fractional laser technology for skin resurfacing, while Zaffiro combines hydro-exfoliation and infrared thermo-lifting for brightening and tightening. Sectum is a multi-purpose radiofrequency solution with aesthetic and gynaecology modes, and EpilMe features a laser diode for deep penetration during hair removal treatments.

Neauvia’s skincare line, developed based on advanced knowledge and research in dermo-cosmetics, offers solutions for healthy and youthful-looking skin.4,5 These cosmeceuticals are specifically designed to address the needs of patients undergoing aesthetic treatments, boosting natural beauty with safe and effective formulas.4,5

Neauvia’s Smart Combination Therapy protocols provide practitioners and patients with clinically proven solutions for facial, body and intimate rejuvenation. The NLift protocol, a mid-face synergistic protocol, utilises a sequence of filler injections, energy-based device treatments and cosmeceuticals to deliver amplified results. The NBoost protocol targets the epidermis to restore the skin and prevent signs of ageing, while the NRose protocol focuses on intimate rejuvenation, addressing both physical and emotional aspects.

A holistic vision

With Neauvia’s Smart Combination Therapy, the boundaries of medical aesthetics are being pushed, offering a premium experience that integrates seamlessly into a modern and healthy lifestyle. By embracing Neauvia’s comprehensive range of high-end technologies and protocols, practitioners can deliver safe and more effective results for facial, body and intimate rejuvenation.1-5 Neauvia’s vision goes beyond physical beauty, recognising the emotional aspects of aesthetic treatments and their impact on self-esteem and confidence.

Unlock enhanced results with Neauvia’s Smart Combination Therapy and help your patients embark on a transformative journey towards youthful, vibrant and naturally beautiful skin.

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