In The Life Of Dr Stefanie Williams

By Ellie Holden / 25 Nov 2021

Dermatologist and clinic owner Dr Stefanie Williams discusses her working day and the development of her new skincare range

A day at the clinic…

On a clinic morning, I would wake up at 7am and do a quick sun salutation or yoga exercise in front of the open window. I will eat breakfast with my husband and two of my children (the third one is at university in Leeds) before they head off to school. I get ready for work and aim to leave the house between 8-8.30am to catch the train to Vauxhall in London, where my clinic Eudelo Dermatology & Skin Wellbeing is located. I usually arrive at the clinic around 9:30am. Before we start seeing patients, my team will have a daily huddle where we congregate to discuss our plans for the day. This allows everyone to understand if there is anything important to know or be aware of throughout the working day. As we have around 25 staff members, it is also a good opportunity to see who is working that day.

Throughout a typical clinic day, I’m usually back-to-back seeing patients until the evening. Every day is different, with a variety of medical and cosmetic patients to see, which makes every day varied and exciting. All my patients are booked into the same diary, so I don’t have specific slots which are reserved for a certain type of medical or aesthetic enquiry.

I never work alone, and I always have an assistant in the room with me throughout the day. In the clinic, there might be another dermatologist or doctor in, so we often exchange knowledge and medical experiences. For example, recently I had a complex pregnant medical patient come to see me, so I consulted with another member of the dermatology team to get a second opinion. We naturally needed to be sure that the treatment we are recommending is safe for the baby as well as for the mother.

I usually arrive home around 8pm and may spend some time on my art as I’m currently completing a part-time master’s degree in Fine Art. It is a two-year course and I’ve already finished one year. I feel that the Fine Art degree also helps with my aesthetic work, as it adds a different level of keeping the eye trained to perceive.

My new skincare range…

As well as completing my master’s, I have been developing my own skincare range Delo Rx for the past two years, which is so exciting! I created the range from scratch, together with a cosmetic chemist, as I’m incredibly specific in what I want. It has taken a long time to develop as it is aimed at a problematic target audience. It is an advanced antiageing range, but with the products specifically tailored to be suitable for adult women with breakout prone skin, including adult acne, rosacea and periorificial dermatitis. It’s a niche product range that resonates with my expertise as a dermatologist with special interest in acne and rosacea. We are developing seven products in total, making it a ‘capsule wardrobe’ of skincare which will be available in cosmetic clinics and very selected retailers. 

The range contains everything our patients’ skin really needs with regards to antiageing and maintenance. That’s particularly important for breakout prone skin, as one of the key problems with this skin type is that you don’t want to overload the skin with products, as this can lead to clogged pores and more breakouts as a result. All products are very lightweight in base formulation and not only low in oils, but also silicone derivatives, which is a huge formulator challenge. The range will include a cleanser, an innovative retinoid, a lightweight anti-inflammatory moisturiser, an antioxidant serum, SPF, anti-pigmentation serum and an eye cream. The products will be released in intervals with the first product, the Delo Rx Hybrid Cleanser out now. I started with the cleanser as this is arguably the most important step in a skincare routine for breakout prone skin! 

The Delo Rx Hybrid Cleanser contains the highest level of active ingredients on the market. It clears pores thoroughly, while at the same time being suitable even for very sensitive skin.

Most memorable day in my career…

The most memorable moment I can think of to date was back in spring 2020 after the first COVID-19 lockdown in the UK. After a few months of the clinic being closed, me and my team were finally ready to reopen again; we were all very excited. However, on the Sunday evening, before the Monday reopening was scheduled to happen, myself and my husband Jay went into the clinic for a final check to ensure everything was ready. But we arrived at a flooded clinic!

It was the most heart-sinking feeling ever, and I cried in frustration. Together, the two of us, a cleaning team and Thames Water (who arrived at 2am!) managed to get the clinic dry and disinfected overnight – hours of work, sweat and tears later – we finally were able to open the clinic the next day after all.

It was a very memorable moment, albeit not in a good way!

Favourite aspect of my job…

Seeing my patient’s skin improve makes my job so rewarding.

My hobbies include…

As well as fine art, I really enjoy meditation and I’ve started a nine-week online breathwork workshop.

Career if you weren’t a dermatologist…

Cosmetic chemist! I’ve loved developing my skincare over the past two years and have found it such an interesting project. Before this, I would have said a midwife.

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