In The Life of Dr Wassim Taktouk

By Ellie Holden / 27 Sep 2022

Dr Wassim Taktouk provides an insight into his working and training days, as well as his role as a key opinion leader

A typical working day… 

I wake up at around 6:30am every morning, which is usually without choice as I seem to have some sort of alarm in my head which wakes me up no matter what and I can’t go back to sleep. I immediately check my phone, partly due to a social media addiction but also to check through messages. I am trying to reduce my time spent on social media platforms as it can be a time thief, but it has a positive side. It can be used to help educate people about aesthetics as well as the treatments I specialise in. 

I try and exercise most mornings, either on the Peloton at home or with my personal trainer. Then I shower and get dressed. I like to think my breakfast is an acai bowl with fresh fruit, granola and almond butter, but is usually an almond croissant. I live just 15 minutes from my clinic – Taktouk Clinic in Knightsbridge – so I walk to work, arriving at 8.30am. 

My working day begins with a video call with the faculty of my training academy, London Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (LAAM), where we discuss updates, pressing issues, how the last training weekend went and what we could improve on. The call usually lasts one hour. If I don’t have this call, then I have a team meeting at the clinic. The team greatly values this as it’s a platform to discuss the day ahead and plan for any potential issues. I have found this proactive approach works well to maintain a cohesive team. It’s important to me that all members of my team feel appreciated and that they have the opportunity to share any concerns. 

During a clinic day, I will see around 20 patients for a mixture of botulinum toxin and dermal filler injections – this is what I enjoy performing the most! I have a fantastic team of specialists working at the clinic. Any injectables, energy-based treatments using lasers, microneedling or skin tightening are in the hands of the experts. We pride ourselves in always having the right member of the team for every patient concern. 

I have lunch at 1pm, when I’m allowed to look at social media again, and my phone is handed to me by the manager for 15 minutes. The afternoon runs from 2pm-6pm when I will conduct virtual follow-up appointments with patients and perform more injectable treatments. At the end of day, I will have a quick team debrief to ensure the day has run smoothly. 

I will leave the clinic at 6:30pm and head home, stopping off at the supermarket to pick some dinner up. My evenings vary depending on commitments. I may have webinars or Instagram Lives to prepare for. I mostly unwind by cooking and catching up with friends for a quick mid-week dinner. 

After dinner I treat myself to a little box set binge. I am currently working my way through Stranger Things, however the TV is off by 11pm to ensure I don’t fall down a rabbit hole of box sets – I believe a good night’s sleep is the key to success. 

Other work commitments… 

I’m an international key opinion leader (KOL) for aesthetic manufacturer Teoxane, so this takes up a lot of my time. During the week, I have Teoxane training days, so I sometimes travel abroad for these. I might go to clinics to show treatment techniques to practitioners who want a hands-on experience, discuss the products and how to best utilise them in practice. I might also get asked to speak at a conference – I believe that patient education is pivotal, so it was great to recently speak at the first Beauty Uncovered LIVE event. As well as being a lot of fun, it was a great opportunity to speak to consumers directly. 

When I’m not doing KOL duties, I will also be doing educational days at LAAM. During these days, the clinic gets restructured to become three training rooms, and the models wait in the waiting room, ready to be called in. These days usually happen every few weeks. The days can be manic, but we have a good team who runs it well and the feedback has been excellent. We have the academy online too, so I’m also busy filming and doing sound recordings for this. 

Most memorable day… 

My most memorable day was when I opened my clinic. It had been a year in the making and it had been very stressful. We officially opened the clinic the day we came out of the third lockdown in April 2021, so the decorators were still laying the carpet down when the first patients were coming in. The night before the opening, we were decorating the shelves, so it was very last minute. Another memorable moment was when my parents came to see the clinic for the first time. This was a very special moment and one that I won’t forget.

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