Advertorial: Introducing the new SmartXide Handpieces

16 Nov 2023

Unleash the potential of the SmartXide Punto CO2 laser with its new handpieces

For many years, fully ablative CO2 laser treatments were considered the ‘Gold Standard’ for laser skin rejuvenation.

There’s no doubt that the results from full resurfacing were remarkable due to the pronounced collagen remodelling effects, but the unpredictable healing response and high risk of infection, scarring and pigmentary disturbance meant that the risks of treatment often didn’t outweigh the benefits.

In 2004 Deka bought the first fractional CO2 laser to the market with the aim of overcoming these problems. Fractional resurfacing treatments deliver precise microbeams of laser light to the skin, resulting in narrow columns of ablation, surrounded by a microscopic zone of thermal damage. Since these zones are surrounded by healthy epidermis, keratinocyte migration means we see rapid epithelialisation - within days rather than weeks - reducing recovery times and drastically reducing the risk of unwanted reactions.1

It was soon discovered that the collagen stimulation effects from delivering light fractionally were on a par with full ablation and the SmartXide went on to become the best-selling fractional CO2 laser in the world, delivering exceptional results for lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, dyschromia and scarring.

Alongside offering fractional treatments for rejuvenation and collagenesis, CO2 lasers are an outstanding surgical tool for the cutting and vaporisation of soft tissue and minor skin lesions, such as seborrheic keratosis, dermal naevi and xanthelasma. The advantages of CO2 laser over other surgical techniques such as diathermy and traditional surgery include reduced healing times, less requirement for anaesthesia, reduced thermal damage, less bleeding due to haemostasis, less inflammation and a reduced incidence of undesirable side effects such as scarring and pigmentary disturbance. The CO2 laser is also particularly useful for treating tissue in anatomically difficult areas, such as the corners of the eyes, ears, nasal alae and genital regions.

New handpieces for SmartXide

Deka, in conjunction with Lynton Lasers, is pleased to announce the introduction of two new handpieces for the SmartXide laser, further expanding the treatment applications of the system and enhancing clinical results.


The SCAR3 handpiece can offer the deepest CO2 ablation on the market for the treatment of deeper, thicker scars. Greater ablation depths are required for the treatment of scarring, and the SCAR3 scanner can deliver fractionated laser emission in columns that are exceptionally thin and can penetrate up to 6mm into the skin.2 The reduced diameter of the ablative zones means that the laser can penetrate deeper at lower comparative energies, reducing the risk of prolonged healing and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.2 The deep ablation encourages new collagen pattern in thickened scars, which reduces fibrosis and improves both the appearance and pliability of scar tissue.


The new Dermascan microscanner connects directly to either a four-inch or seven-inch focal handpiece. It was developed for surgical dermatology treatments to enhance the vaporisation capability, depth control and speed of standard freehand handpieces.

Generally, lesions are treated with freehand handpieces in which the laser beam is fixed and delivered in a diameter of less than a millimetre, and the practitioner must move the handpiece over the lesion to remove it completely. Using the new Dermascan, vaporisation can be administered in a variety of scan patterns, ensuring rapid, effective treatment of a variety of skin lesions.

Both handpieces bring additional versatility and a broader range of treatments to the SmartXide Punto CO2 laser, enabling users to treat the most complex skin concerns safely and effectively. As with all systems by Lynton, ongoing training and support are provided to clinics making use of the SmartXide Punto to assure the very best standard of care and effectiveness for all its patients.

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