SPON: How Dr Amiee Vyas quadrupled her income through lockdown

She says Get Harley is the reason she survived the last lockdown. Get Harley actively drove automatic, repeat skincare sales for her that she didn’t have to worry about, and even enabled her to recommend new products to patients within minutes during lockdown. Her skincare sales just kept growing. She also hosted online skin consultations, created digital, personalised skincare plans and left Get Harley to do all the buying and deliveries. She was able to reach new customers, stay connected with her patients, build loyalty and provide a premium service and experience.

Dr Amiee says the repeat sales, driven by Get Harley, generated a four-fold income increase in her time of need.

What are your main concerns about your business when restrictions are put in place?

Interruptions to my patients’ aesthetic plans is a problem. For instance, if someone is on a peel plan, an interruption is going to affect their results and how quickly they achieve them. So, it becomes hugely important for them to activate a good at-home skincare plan during that period and beyond, to maintain results and for quality of life.

Revenue from in-clinic treatments. But luckily Get Harley generates enough passive income for me, that I can survive. In fact, my passive income via Get Harley grew even during the months of lockdown.

Staying connected to my patients. Get Harley help me to stay in touch with my patients, through their 24/7 patient messenger service. They are like an extension of my team, they are really professional and responsive without me having to actually hire people on payroll. They handle basic queries for me and anything skin or medical related, is flagged to me in a very quick and easy manner.

How did you survive the last one and what have you put in place this time?

Pivoting was the key word of the last lockdown. People had to change the way they operated. I was lucky that I was already using the Get Harley platform, so I didn’t have to transition, I just had to up the ante with the skincare plans and made myself very available virtually to my patients.

I reached out to new customers through my Instagram channel. I spent a lot of time on social media educating people about skin. It worked very well because people really did embrace the ‘self-care’ focus during lockdown.

There’s a lot of information online now and I think people are now more educated. But there is still a very real need for people to know what is right for THEIR skin and so the tailored approach of Get Harley really appeals to people. People want professional advice with custom plans that are tailored to them based on a mix of products and brands, and Get Harley makes this so easily achievable.

I am doing this again for lockdown 2.0 , to ensure my patients are supported and I am already benefitting from the first lockdown, because Get Harley is taking care of all the replenishments for me, which is 100% passive income for me.

My best-ever month in terms of Get Harley generated skincare plans was in the peak of the first lockdown – April 2020. This means that the revenue I am generating in the autumn/winter is double the amount in the spring. This has given me a four-fold turnover.

How do you work with Get Harley?

My initial reason for joining Get Harley was because I wanted to give my patients added support, but I didn’t have the space or the time to buy, carry and manage inventory.

I now work with Get Harley in two ways, in-clinic and online virtual skin consultations. I put my patients on skincare plans to support in-clinic treatments or as stand-alone regimes.

They get a link to their regime to either purchase now or later. The ability for patients to purchase later is incredible. Get Harley makes it easy for patients to see their regime and they help with compliance, as they stay on top of them by sending tasteful reminders and messages to re-purchase in a timely manner. I do often have very bespoke instructions of how to use products and Get Harley ensures they receive that to support their products, delivered to their home.

If my patients need something extra, like more hydration or a different eye product, Get Harley’s support team just messages me to check which addition I would make and thus a completely new product is upsold for me with my oversight in a matter of minutes if not seconds!

They also help me promote any online activities and support my general growth and help me achieve my business goals. They are so much more than a tech-platform!

Online skincare sales soared throughout the last lockdown*. Do you think consumer habits are changing and that lockdown has made online buying and online consultations more popular and that this popularity will continue post-Covid?

100%. Skincare is now more accessible. Get Harley has made tailored, expert advice more accessible to people. Whether in lockdown or working late in the office, having a lack of free time is always going to be an issue. I think most people would choose to spend their free time with their friends and family rather than travel to an appointment.

If practitioners don’t offer online consultations, they will miss out, as this is very much what people are seeking out now and with Get Harley, you can provide your services globally too!

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*Popsugar – 15th June 2020


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