Advertorial: The Pioneers of Skin Health

Since 1997, SkinCeuticals has led the way, integrating skincare into the aesthetic treatment space with its vast, potent range of active-rich skincare treatment products, making it the natural choice for aesthetic clinics globally. 

At SkinCeuticals, the mission is to improve skin health, centring its treatment products around three main pillars: Prevent, Correct, Protect. The products work together to provide optimal results and now, specific protocols have been developed to support the skin prep, healing and maintenance of results from in-clinic aesthetic treatments such as injectables, lasers and peels. 

Dr Ana Mansouri, aesthetic practitioner at Dr Ana The Skin Clinic, said, “I’m an advocate for the value of early integration of medical-grade skincare, particularly with my injectable cases. This is due to experiencing how this has transformed my practice, both from a business point of view, and by enhancing clinical outcomes.” 

Integrated skincare benefits 

Combining clinical procedures with professional treatments and advanced home care delivers comprehensive results. 

• Professional pre-conditioning and recovery post-treatment helps to reduce downtime and feelings of discomfort 

• Advanced home care aids in prolonging and protecting results due to the additional benefits of antioxidants 

Integrating SkinCeuticals into injectable treatments 

Dr Mansouri notes, “My approach to SkinCeuticals integrated skincare is based around a simple ‘ABC + targeted treatment’ routine where I utilise vitamin A, sunblock and vitamin C to prepare my patients’ skin for any rejuvenating treatments. This is carried out for four to eight weeks pre-procedure, as well as for ongoing maintenance of results by optimising neocollagenesis in the longer term.”

“I also recommend adding targeted HA serums and ceramide-based moisturisers to support the maintenance process post-injectables in dry and mature skin types. My recommended product combination is the H.A Intensifier, as this has been shown to improve HA levels by up to 30% in just four weeks, paired with the Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 to support the barrier function of the skin,” she says.

25 Years and Counting

1992: Dr Pinnell patents ‘the duke formulation parameters’ which outline the parameters for formulating a stable serum with l-ascorbic acid 

1996: Dr Pinnell published on topical vitamin C in ageing 

1997: SkinCeuticals was founded with Dr Pinnell as lead scientist 

2003: Dr Pinnell publishes on photoprotection of the skin by combination topical antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin E 

2004: SkinCeuticals introduces its Prevent, Correct, Protect philosophy along with integrated skincare, supported by a professional line to complement in-office procedures 

2014: SkinCeuticals publishes research on antioxidant protection against infrared-A-generated free radicals photodermatology, photoimmunology and photomedicine 

2017: Research was published on C E Ferulic and Phloretin CF protection against ozone pollution and published a study on a multimodal facial serum to increase hyaluronic acid levels in skin 

2021: the brand formed an innovative commercial partnership with manufacturer Cutera to work together to produce a specific integrated protocol to get the best results from laser 

2021: Silymarin CF & Blemish & AGE Defense was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, and within the April AAD Poster a topical antioxidant serum containing silymarin reducing sebum peroxidation was published 

2022: SkinCeuticals clinical studies took place investigating the role of topical skincare as an adjunct to aesthetic treatments with a presentation at IMCAS in June 2022

A word from SkinCeuticals 

“Today’s patients are more educated than ever before, and they often research ingredients and products online before they see a skincare professional,” says Sinead Mayne, medical relations manager at SkinCeuticals. “For some in aesthetics, efficacious skincare has been at the core of the clinical setting for years, but for those practitioners slightly later to the party, the need for a comprehensive skincare offering has become more of a must-have than a niceto- have, and the choice of brands can be overwhelming.” 

“Offering products that are results driven with proven efficacy helps put the control of the patient treatment outcome firmly in the hands of the clinic. We believe that the combination of procedures and science-based skincare provides the apex of results for patient skin. SkinCeuticals heritage and grounding in science makes it the choice of many,” she says. 

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