Understanding the Revanesse Portfolio

08 Aug 2022

Practitioners detail their thoughts on the Revanesse range of dermal fillers and the company reveals their exciting new launch

Aesthetics heavy weight Prollenium, founded in 2002, today is one of the fastest growing dermal filler companies in the world and the only manufacturer of HA dermal fillers in North America. Producing its best-in-class HA dermal filler, Revanesse, since 2011, designed for the ultimate filler experience for practitioners who choose not to compromise patient safety for product performance. 

Revanesse is made using state-of-the-art production methods, optimised materials and rigorous testing. Particles are uniquely wet milled giving them a smooth, spherical shape, proven to reduce inflammation, integrate smoothly and break down slowly over time. The sophisticated collection of HA gels differs in rheology due to innovative manufacturing decisions such as reducing linear HA in place of additional BDDE to create projecting products such as Revanesse Shape, and the new launch for later this year Revanesse Outline.

But don’t just take our word for it! 

We asked the following injectors to try Revanesse dermal fillers for themselves and here’s what they found:

Dr Nina Bal, TV personality and multi-award-winning cosmetic dental surgeon and advanced facial aesthetics clinician based in Tempus Belgravia, London said, “I’d heard of Revanesse and I was very intrigued to see what it was like. Honestly, I think it’s amazing. I couldn’t believe how much projection I can get with so little product and in a 1.2ml syringe, there is less wastage too.”

Dr Marcus Mehta, cosmetic doctor and trainer, co-founder of STORY clinics in Southwell, Nottinghamshire and Marylebone London and director of the UK’s largest aesthetic medicine training school Harley Academy, noted, “Revanesse dermal filler provides impressive projection without an increase in BDDE which is reassuring, plus with its spherical particles to reduce inflammation and produce an extremely smooth injection, it’s one of the most exciting developments I have seen in dermal fillers in a long, long time. It has certainly set the bar high.”

Professor Firas Al-Niaimi, world-renowned and multi award-winning professor in dermatology, based in London’s Harley Street commented, “Prollenium has created a good dermal filler portfolio with Revanesse; I like using the products, they are very patient-centric. There is less swelling than other filler products and a very low inflammatory response which is music to an injector’s ears as well as my patients. Using this product, you are very much in control and unlikely to need follow-up top-ups as what you see is what you get.”

What’s next for Prollenium?

With the recent acquisition of SoftFil, Parisian-based medical device manufacturer, Prollenium UK has launched the world’s first topical hyaluronidase. The product will be available through Healthxchange Pharmacy alongside the distribution of SoftFil.

Multi-award winning Topilase is indicated for the superficial adjustment of HA dermal fillers. It is most commonly used for lip filler migration and tear trough correction.

Dr Emily Mehta, medical director of Harley Academy and STORY Clinics said: “I think that Topilase is a revolutionary and exciting product that will improve cosmetic results whilst also reducing the need for further invasive procedures. Topilase is a skin serum that contains small amounts of an enzyme complex that can dissolve hyaluronic acid filler which allows such minor filler imperfections to be corrected without further risk or trauma. It is particularly useful in the under-eye and lip areas which is where I see more than 90% of filler problems anyway. Both areas are easily over treated by less experienced practitioners and also can occasionally cause product migration. The process is completely painless — it is simply a serum that is rubbed into the area where filler needs to be reduced or removed.”

Topilase is available to purchase now. Register your interest in Topilase through Healthxchange Pharmacy: https://www.healthxchange.com/topilase.

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