Unleashing New Potential at the Medical Longevity Summit

07 Jul 2023

Discover the latest advancements in functional medicine and longevity at CCR

The medical longevity concept is one of increasing interest to practitioners in the aesthetics industry. As a medical aesthetics professional, you are well placed and qualified to discuss the causes of your patients' problems rather than just the symptoms. 

To explore treatments and solutions that are preventative, rather than reactive, and aim to increase health and lifespan. Aesthetics is delighted to introduce the new Medical Longevity Summit, taking place at CCR 2023 on October 19 & 20 at ExCeL London. As the UK’s largest medical aesthetics event, what better place to explore new and ground-breaking medical concepts that benefit patients?

CCR will host a dedicated summit and two-day agenda to educate practitioners on evidence-based practice in functional and integrative medicine, holistic wellbeing, lifestyle and wellness treatment approaches. The summit is free to attend, CPD-certified and open to all CCR visitors.

Longevity and wellness in aesthetics

By incorporating this emerging concept into clinics, practitioners can discover new ways to support their patients. They can expand their treatment offering, increase patient satisfaction and enhance aesthetic outcomes, as well as serving a greater purpose of promoting a healthier society. Medical aesthetic clinics and practitioners are already set up and qualified to offer treatments of this kind, and your patients are already engaged with self-improvement. 

An inside-out approach incorporating services such as patient testing, weight management, intimate health and regenerative medicine could be a perfect addition to existing clinics. Practitioners can help their patients live healthier, more fulfilled lives, whilst achieving their aesthetic goals through a holistic approach to treatment.

Meet the conference curator

The Medical Longevity Summit is curated by Dr Mayoni Gooneratne, with the support of editor and event manager at Aesthetics Shannon Kilgariff. Dr Gooneratne is the co-founder of the newly formed British College of Functional Medicine (BCFM) and founder of functional medicine treatment service Human Health. 

While running her clinic, Dr Gooneratne noticed a connection between enhanced aesthetic outcomes, patient satisfaction and a ‘whole body’ approach to consultation and treatment. By optimising patient care within aesthetic medicine, she believes aesthetic professionals can expand their clinic offering and provide better care to their patients.

Dr Gooneratne says, “Longevity medicine is the future of health, and aesthetics is the perfect place to explore the conversation. The aesthetics industry has always been ahead of the game – always looking at the bigger picture – and we are open-minded about treating patients holistically. You can find out more about so many ways you can implement this by coming to CCR 2023.”

What is the Medical Longevity Summit?

The inaugural Medical Longevity Summit will unite healthcare, functional medicine, wellness and aesthetics. The agenda aims to educate medical practitioners on how they can help their patients live a healthier life, for as long as possible. Discover the importance of promoting a healthy society that closes the gap between healthspan and lifespan, and how aesthetic practitioners can help achieve this. 

Topics explored will include the ageing cycle, inflammation and its impact on ageing, how to concorporate the longevity concept into clinics and more. Visitors will also have a chance to meet brands offering solutions and services for optimising patient health, lifestyle and longevity. Some of the companies showcased will include:

  • EvoCyte
  • Specialist Pharmacy
  • Plasma by Medichecks
  • Nuchido
  • Oxford Healthspan
  • Roseway Labs
  • Human Health

The benefits for you and your practice

The Medical Longevity Summit will be of interest to all practitioners who aspire to promote a healthier community and support patients with their medical and aesthetic goals through holistic and longevity services. You and your patients can benefit from this approach by:

  1. Differentiating yourself from your competitors and be more than just an aesthetic clinic
  2. Expanding your treatment offering with new, sought-after services and solutions
  3. Increasing patient satisfaction and retention with a holistic approach to overall wellbeing
  4. Enhancing aesthetic outcomes by improving body health and function
  5. Returning to the crux of your mission as a medical provider by focusing on patient care

The Medical Longevity Summit agenda

With an ageing society, it is imperative that practitioners are doing everything they can to expand the healthy human lifespan through supportive services in their practices. Individuals want to stay fit and heathy, while feeling and looking the best version of themselves, hence why this is so intertwined with aesthetics.

The two-day agenda at the Medical Longevity Summit will feature leading speakers and companies exploring the following topics:

  • Introducing The Longevity Concept In Aesthetic Medicine and Healthcare
  • Longevity and Testing Services For Improved Function
  • Optimising Longevity Through Nutrition & Gut Health
  • Hormonal Health and Longevity
  • Longevity & Lifestyle Management: Integrating Therapies & Services
  • Enhancing Public Health and Longevity Through Weight Management
  • Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine and Longevity

Some of the distinguished speakers offering their expertise will include:

  • Aesthetic practitioner Dr Mayoni Gooneratne
  • Functional medicine specialist Dr Indra Barathan
  • Aesthetic practitioner Dr Kam Lally
  • Psychologist Kimberley Cairns
  • Regenerative facial surgery specialist Dr Steven Cohen
  • Psychoneuroimmunology and longevity specialist Dr Olivia Lesslar

Enhancing health with evidence-backed functional medicine

With enhanced knowledge and services, practitioners can support patients long-term by looking at lifestyle factors, hormones, genetics, regenerative approaches and more. The Medical Longevity Summit will provide CPD-certified, evidence-based education from leading professionals, shifting the focus from solely treatment to prevention as well. 

Public health services are struggling to meet patients’ demands for wellbeing help – that’s where you come in. Medical aesthetic practitioners are perfectly placed to support patients to live healthier, more fulfilled lives, while increasing the success of their clinics in the process.

Don’t miss out on the chance to learn all about your next path towards healthy and happy patients!

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