Writing a Winning Aesthetics Award Entry

Known as the ‘Oscars of Aesthetics’ the Aesthetics Awards are a celebration like no other in our field. It’s not only a spectacular opportunity to get dressed up and network with 800 peers in the field of aesthetic medicine, but it’s also a way to celebrate a year of hard-earned achievements. 

Being recognised as a Finalist, or even receiving Commended, Highly Commended or Winning accolades at the Aesthetics Awards not only cements your trust and credibility status, but it can completely revolutionise your PR and marketing efforts. However, with hundreds of entries each year, not everyone can be recognised as a Finalist. Luckily, there are things you can do which can dramatically increase your chances of impressing the judges!

1. Think ahead

Before you jump headfirst into drafting your brilliantly written entry, take a moment to plan. Spend time going through each category and create a shortlist of the ones you are eligible to enter, with a note of those you have the best chance of winning. Although it’s great to enter all eligible categories, if you’re strapped for time, it’s better to just enter a couple and really nail the application, rather than spreading yourself too thinly. Being successful is about quality, not quantity!

2. Gather your evidence

Those who can actually prove their claims by providing evidence have a far better chance of becoming a Finalist. It’s great to say your patients are all satisfied with their treatments, but if you can’t show this then it’s just a blanket statement. Gather as much evidence as you can to provide meaningful numbers – think patient satisfaction surveys, percentage increases for growing patient numbers and revenue, and the number of new treatments. Year-on-year data and how this has progressed over time always impresses the judges!

3. Read the question

This seems obvious but it’s a common mistake many entrants make. Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away when your creative juices are flowing, but always remember to check to ensure you have answered the actual question. Also make sure it’s written in a clear way so the judge can easily understand and acknowledge that you have answered it well. Make sure to re-read your questions over to check it’s the best you can provide!

4. Think like a judge

Remember the Aesthetics Awards judges are experts in the aesthetics field, but they are also people and don’t want to spend hours reading something dull, waffly, or poorly worded. So, summarise your points powerfully and concisely, but with detail where necessary. Try using bullet points to allow the judges to see your key points in an easy-to-digest format – they also help you stick to your word count!

5. Get a second opinion

It’s best practice to proof-read social media posts and marketing content before it’s released, so why should your Awards entry be any different? Get a second, third, and fourth opinion on your entry (or as many as you can!). Ask someone else who knows the business inside and out, as well as a respected family member or friend for an objective view. Get them to check simple things like spelling and grammar (judges hate reading errors) as well as if anything vital might be missing.

Submit your entries and see you at the celebration!

The dazzling ceremony will take place at the Grosvenor House in London after the second day of the Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition. Gather your team, put March 10-11 in your diary and spend the day learning, and the evening celebrating. Good luck to all entrants!

Key Dates!

  • Entry opens July 31
  • Entry closes September 30 
  • Finalists announced and voting opens January 2023
  • Winners announced at the Aesthetics Awards ceremony after ACE on March 11, 2023

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