3D Aesthetics launches new skin concept

22 Sep 2022

Aesthetic device company 3D Aesthetics has unveiled a new skincare concept, Lesielle.

The device offers a range of base creams and active ingredients which offers a personalised skincare routine in one product. Lesielle addresses every skincare concern and allows users to create the ideal skincare, which has been tailored specifically to their skin needs, explains the company.

The device determines the patient’s skincare concerns through an online consultation questionnaire. Using an advanced algorithm, it identifies the products and ingredients that it can combine to best suit the patient’s skin. The device can adapt the formula, depending on the skin concerns and the patient is able to push the button allowing for the product to be available for use.

The device will be available for practitioners to offer to their patients as well as free training for providing the correct advice to patients.

Jon-Paul Hoy, 3D Aesthetics trainer, said, “Simplified skincare routines are really trending on social media at the moment, so having the easy select option via the website will help clients and businesses. People love technology-led gadgets, and it’s great for busy clients. Everything is 100% customisable, and you can change that seasonally, daily or environmentally.”


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