Advertorial: Introducing Ultherapy

05 May 2021

How technology that lets you see under the skin can optimise lifting and tightening results

The technologies that aesthetic practitioners now have at their disposal has seen the device-based skin rejuvenation market boom. 

Patients are now demanding more efficacious results but without the downtime required in the past, while physicians are recognising that individually[1]targeted and customised treatments are a great way to facilitate this demand. 

Every one of our patients has a unique anatomical landscape and, in order to provide them with the optimal clinical outcomes and results, we need to be accurate and targeted with our treatments. However, when it comes to stimulating collagen and elastin in order to facilitate skin lifting and tightening, it can sometimes feel like we are treating in the dark.
So, what if you could really see what was going on under your patient’s skin during treatment and could stimulate new collagen and elastin with more precision and accuracy? Even a few years ago this may have seemed like the stuff of science fiction but today it is possible.

Ultherapy’s Real-Time Visualisation allows clinicians to precisely deliver micro-focused ultrasound energy at the correct layer for optimal results.1 And, what’s more, Ultherapy is the only device of its kind indicated for imaging below the skin’s surface.2 FDA-cleared and CE certified for non-invasive sculpting and lifting of the skin on the upper and lower face, under the chin, neck and on the eyebrows as well as improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the décolletage,2 Ultherapy uses precise micro-focused ultrasound energy to target the deep structural layers of the skin without disrupting the skin’s surface.

Seeing every detail matters 

Microfocused ultrasound with visualisation (MFU-V) is the foundation of Ultherapy. By imaging dermal tissues and subcutaneous structures, it allows you to truly see beneath the surface of the skin and feel confident that you are delivering the energy just where it’s needed to rebuild and trigger collagen synthesis while avoiding treating unwanted areas like, bone, fat or nerves.

 This means the treatment can also be tailored according to different areas of the face and treatment plans can be customised to individual patient needs.4 

Real-time visualisation allows providers to: 

  • Evaluate the anatomy of patients’ skin 
  • Select the proper transducer 
  • Target the desired tissue layer 
  • Ensure optimal device to skin coupling 
  • Avoid bone and vessel 
  • Minimise patient discomfort 

The gold standard 

An expert consensus acclaimed Ultherapy as the gold standard in lifting and tightening (as published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology). 

Dr Tracy Mountford from the Cosmetic Skin Clinic in Buckinghamshire says, “Patients now recognise the benefits of Ultherapy as a first line of treatment for skin maintenance and optimum skin health. 

The results-driven non-surgical Ultherapy treatment enables the skin to naturally lift and tighten, so patients can achieve a lifted midface, a more defined jawline and neck, or natural looking brow lift.” 

Why choose Ultherapy? 

  • The only FDA-cleared device of its kind 
  • 1.75 million treatments worldwide
  • Most researched skin tightening device 
  • 6,000 systems sold globally 
  • 100+ patents 
  • 50+ clinical studies 
  • Supported by 90+ peer reviewed papers 
With Ultherapy’s unique visualisation technology you never have to treat your patients blindly again.

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