Advertorial: New Lip Filler Stylage Lips Plus

22 Oct 2021

Dr Jasmin Taher discusses her experience with VIVACY’s latest lip filler

Laboratoires VIVACY has developed a new lip filler called STYLAGE Lips Plus, for a fuller and more glamorous result. This product was designed to ensure that despite producing more volume, the results provide a natural appearance in line with VIVACY’s values. This exciting addition to the portfolio can produce significantly more volume to the lip compared to its more subtle counterpart, STYLAGE Special Lips. With the boom in social media use and particularly the use of filters, patients are regularly seeing how they would look with significantly bigger lips. I have found that this has led to a societal shift towards increased numbers of younger patients requesting more dramatic results from their treatments. STYLAGE Lips Plus perfectly accommodates this, by providing results with enhanced volume that still maintains softness, complementing the properties of the lip tissue. This product was designed to ensure that despite producing more volume, the results provide a natural appearance in line with VIVACY’s values.

Ideal patients for this product would tend to be a younger demographic desiring more glamorous results that are natural, yet noticeable. It is imperative that, as practitioners, we carefully assess the patient’s whole face and lips prior to treatment as some patients will not suit a more dramatic result, and some lip types do not have the capacity to increase volume rapidly. Patients best suited to this filler would have a spongier lip type of medium to larger size, that has the capacity for more volume without looking stretched or overfilled. Patients with very thin or mature lips and tighter tissues would be best treated with STYLAGE Special Lips for more subtle increase in volume. This is to ensure a natural result with lower risk of migration. Containing 20mg/g HA, STYLAGE Lips Plus has a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid than STYLAGE Special Lips (18.5mg/g). This makes the product extremely adept at producing more volume with 1ml. In my own experience with the new product, I found that the lips instantly appeared more volumised, yet still felt soft to the touch. I also found that the inclusion of the antioxidant Mannitol ensured that post-operative swelling was substantially less than I expected.

The product has been specifically designed to be compatible with superficial injections, integrating beautifully, and producing a result that moves harmoniously with the musculature of the lip. In addition, this integration reduces the risk of lump formation. I found that whilst working with STYLAGE Lips Plus the product would evenly spread throughout the lip tissue producing a result that would look and feel smooth and soft.

Case Study

The 29-year-old female patient presented for lip filler treatment, with no previous record of any aesthetic treatment or relevant medical history. The patient stated that she felt that her lips looked dehydrated and lacked volume. She requested a ‘plumper look that is still natural.’ On assessing her lips, I could see that she presented with medium sized lips of a spongier lip type. The multiple lines and grooves indicated a capacity for increased volume that looked natural. It was clear that her lips were the perfect candidate for the new STYLAGE Lips Plus. After a thorough consultation and consent process, I treated this patient with 1ml of STYLAGE Lips Plus using the 30g needle provided in the box. In order to achieve this result, I used multiple vertical threads all placed sub-vermillion to reduce the likelihood of filler expansion outside of the vermillion border. The result was a defined, soft and glamorous lip which, despite being swollen still looks natural. Once the swelling subsides and the filler integrates, this will look plump yet natural.


Overall, my experience with STYLAGE Lips Plus was extremely positive. I found it to be a versatile product that produces a soft and volumised result, perfect for patients seeking a more glamorous look. The product can be used with various injection techniques for a superior result that integrates into the lip tissue seamlessly. In a society where patients are becoming increasingly aesthetically driven, we must be able to offer a variety of products to tailor their treatment to match their realistic goals.


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