Advertorial: Practice Building with EMSCULPT NEO

19 Dec 2021

Mr Matt James explains how the EMSCULPT NEO has benefited his practice

Pushing the leading edge in the aesthetic industry, EMSCULPT NEO takes the ground-breaking EMSCULPT brand to the next level in building successful aesthetic practices. This innovative BTL platform brings together targeted emission of synchronised radiofrequency (RF) and the BTL’s signature High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM+) technologies in a single applicator. This targets both fat and muscle simultaneously in nine body areas including the abdomen, buttocks, arms, legs and inner thighs, thus expanding the treatment opportunities. “The introduction of the radiofrequency to the device has been a game changer,” shared Mr Matt James, founder of the Cavendish Clinic in London. “The EMSCULPT NEO provides exceptional results without surgery, downtime, in a short time frame. It’s the perfect lunchtime treatment,” he continued, “As such, it is a faster, more economical and more efficacious solution than any combination of multiple procedures.”

Cavendish Clinic is recognised for its body sculpting expertise, and body treatments make up a significant part of its offering. “We had such amazing success with EMSCULPT that getting the EMSCULPT NEO was a natural progression. The accomplishment of the EMSCULPT NEO in our clinics has been exceptional, so it made sense to add a third unit into our London clinics. We want our patients to experience EMSCULPT NEO no matter which clinic they visit, and I’m sure more will follow in the near future!” added Mr James.

The course of the treatment typically consists of four 30-minute sessions, scheduled one week apart. “Patient feedback from EMSCULPT NEO has been fantastic – it really is a results-driven treatment with many patients seeing and feeling a difference after one session. With no downtime, it allows patients to continue with their usual day-to-day activities, which is very important to many of them. Since its introduction we have certainly seen an increase in patients who do not traditionally visit aesthetic clinics, including male patients,” Mr James continued, “The great thing about the device is that most patients are suitable for the treatment post initial medical consultation. It is not an age-specific treatment, and everyone can benefit from it.”

Cavendish Clinic has used a lot of traditional marketing tools, such as emailing existing patients to create buzz about the treatment, but the most important aspect has been a knowledgeable team. Mr James explained, “We began with extensive training from BTL, so the team understands how the treatment works. The other marketing tools they have provided are very useful, and the business development team has made a huge difference in how we raise awareness with patients and ensure we treat safely.”

The EMSCULPT brand is recognised by peers around the world as well as by various international awards, and it has quickly become one of the star products. It has recently reached one million treatments globally. “We are really proud of our partnership with BTL and how we have contributed to getting to the one million mark. It is a huge achievement and only helps our confidence when we are treating patients. There is no replacement for experience, and we are very focused on patient safety, so we only offer safe and effective treatments to patients,” Mr James commented.


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