ADVERTORIAL: What a Difference a Year Makes

15 Dec 2020

A year ago, Medfx and Galderma formed an exclusive partnership as the retailer became the sole distributor of the pharmaceutical giant’s aesthetics portfolio in the UK and Ireland

A lot has happened in that time, not least the pandemic, but also a partnership that has gone from strength to strength with even more focus on supporting customers.

Paul Adams, managing director of DD, the parent company of Medfx, and Alexandra Tretiakova, managing director of Galderma UK and Ireland reflect on the last year and discuss what’s next.


Alexandra: “The drive to deliver the best possible customer service, experience and support has always been our shared objective and despite a few bumps in the road this year, the partnership is delivering – it’s working well.

“Lots of customers have come to appreciate the partnership. Others have needed a little convincing, but that’s to be expected.”

Paul: “In the first month of the partnership with Galderma we received a record number of registrations and we turned all completed registrations around in 24-hours or less. That’s no mean feat, but we were committed to kicking things off in the best possible way so customers could see that this was a positive alliance for them.

“When I joined the business in 2018 I could see the potential of Medfx if it just had proper support and investment. So that’s what we did, we pumped time, money and energy into the business. And it has really flourished as a result.

“Our customer experience and service levels are now market leading and more than 6,000 medical professionals have turned to Medfx for support in the last year alone.”

“That’s why I’m confident customers will be pleasantly surprised by the experience and service we offer today.”


Paul: “The pandemic has impacted businesses hugely and we’ve tried to be supportive of that in a number of ways, including changing payment terms to help alleviate the pressure on small businesses and making sure they have access to the products they need when they need them.

“In partnership with Galderma in June we also launched the Bounce Back campaign, a new training and support programme to help customers get back on their feet once lockdown restrictions eased.”

Alexandra: “The Winter Lyft campaign aimed to help clinics generate new clients, add treatments to their portfolio and improve their injection techniques. Clinics were given access to exclusive offers, seasonal campaign material, including social media content, business guidance and expert training.”


Alexandra: “More than 99 per cent of customers receive their orders on time and in full. I have to give praise to the Medfx team for that because they’ve been incredibly focused.”

Paul: “We offer customers a seamless experience. We receive on average 15,000 prescriptions a month so the whole process must be slick.

“We have an online e-script service and a full five-day week cold chain delivery service, with next day delivery available on orders made before 5.30pm.

“We’ve invested in this process to improve the customer experience. From bringing in the latest technologies and increasing headcount in our pharmacy and customer services teams, to developing a new, much larger cold chain room and expanding our pharmacy by opening a second site in Ireland.”

Alexandra: “Now more than ever, clinics need first-class customer service, expert support and innovative products. And that’s what this partnership offers. Our Restylane brand alone is used globally in 40 million treatments each year and provides the reassurance of an established safety profile and is backed by two decades of heritage.”


Alexandra: “The Zoom Boom has given the industry a pick me up. The reality is we perhaps used to look at our faces in the morning while doing our hair or make-up then just a couple of times throughout the day. But now, we’re looking at ourselves all the time during video chats and meetings.”

“It doesn’t matter what shoes you wear anymore, on Zoom calls no one can see them. But they can see your face.”

Paul: “There’s definitely pent up demand. When lockdown restrictions eased, activity through our e-script service went through the roof.”


Alexandra: “New and exciting brand launches will come next year.”

Paul: “This is only the start of things to come from the partnership. Together we’re working hard to give customers the support they need so their business can once again thrive.”

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