Allergan release global survey on perceptions of beauty

26 Apr 2019

Interest in medial aesthetics is at an all-time high according to a new report by global pharmaceutical company Allergan, which questioned individuals about their perceptions of beauty.

The new Allergan 360° Aesthetics Report included survey results completed by more than 14,500 individuals aged between 21 and 65, from all cultures across 18 countries, including 1,300 aesthetic practitioners. An advisory board of practitioners then partnered with Allergan to interpret the data.

The report highlighted the attitudes towards non-surgical aesthetic treatments from the younger generations, with 61% of millennials surveyed (n=928) agreeing that their overall appearance impacts how successful they are in life, and more than half saying they would consider a surgical or non-surgical treatment to enhance their appearance.

When looking at the differences between countries, it was found that the highest percentage of millennials who have tried aesthetic treatments came from Saudi Arabia, with 36% (n=304) having tried dermal filler injections, and 41% (n=302) having tried botulinum toxin injections, compared to 13% (n=3,451) and 15% (n=8,323) worldwide. US millennials were the lowest users with only 9% (n=1,462) having filler injections and 11% (n=1,387) undergoing botulinum toxin injections.

It was reported that people have positive attitudes towards aesthetic treatments, with 83% (n=4,890) of those surveyed stating that injectable treatments are socially acceptable. As well as this, research found that 93% (n=351) of those in the US turn to the social media platform Facebook for information on aesthetic treatments.

Montreal-based plastic surgeon, Mr Arthur Swift, commented, "As with everything else that has evolved in the cosmetic industry, so too have aesthetic patients in being more mainstream, reaching out through social media, and using before and after photos as references."

The results from non-practitioner responses also found that the top three most common questions asked at a first appointment were cost (56%), effectiveness of treatment (46%), and safety of the treatment, (43%). The report also stated that 55% of individuals agreed that they were concerned about unnatural results from treatments.

The study also demonstrated that 53% of all non-practitioners surveyed would consider a non-invasive body contouring treatment, and 52% would consider dermal filler injections at some point in their lives.

From the practitioners included in the survey, 62% of 1,300 stated that they expected the volume of their patients seeking aesthetic procedures to increase in the next year.

Brent Saunders, chairman and CEO of Allergan, said, "Allergan is proud to have undertaken one of the most far-reaching and authoritative studies ever conducted on the subject. As a company with worldwide awareness, reach, and brand affinity, we are in a unique position to identify and report on trends and drive change in the medical aesthetics category. It is our responsibility to better understand the perspectives and needs of the patients and physicians we serve, as well as continue to educate consumers."

Allergan plans to repeat the study regularly as part of a greater listening exercise that will ultimately aid better understanding across physicians, patients and the industry as a whole, the company states.


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