Black Skin Directory to host CPD workshop

15 Jan 2020

The online resource for patients with skin of colour, Black Skin Directory, is holding a CPD-certified workshop on March 12 for practitioners to learn how to address concerns from patients with skin of colour. 

According to the Black Skin Directory, recent winner of the Clinetix Award for Professional Initiative of the Year at the Aesthetics Awards 2019, the workshop will cover aesthetic complication management and how to recognise common conditions such as acne, keloid scars, traction alopecia and melasma. The workshop will also provide a look into how to select the appropriate treatments and ingredients for skin of colour. There will be an opportunity at the end for a question and answer session.

Dija Ayodele, founder of the black skin directory, said, “Whilst BSD is a consumer platform, we’ve realised that practitioners want and need further training in the nuances of skin of colour to enable them to successfully treat and understand their patients. We hope that practitioners who attend not only refresh their knowledge and skills but also gain a renewed confidence in treating their skin of colour patients.”

Speakers will include oral and maxillofacial surgeon Ms Natasha Berridge, aesthetician Andy Millward, aesthetic practitioner Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme and consultant dermatologist Dr Sandeep Cliff. 


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  • Chantal Debreceny 08 Mar 2020 / 8:01 AM

    With this workshop be available online as well?