Celluma Light Therapy webinar now on demand

19 Feb 2021

LED device manufacturer Celluma Light Therapy presented a webinar exclusively on the Aesthetics website, discussing everything you need to know about light emitting diode (LED) devices.

The talk was hosted by CEO Patrick Johnson, and covered the differences between near-infrared, red and blue light, the importance of wavelengths, monochromatic vs polychromatic and much more.

Denise Ryan, vice president of brand management at Celluma Light Therapy, commented, “We are thrilled to be a part of this opportunity to share more about the benefits of light therapy and how Celluma’s unique shape-taking design combined with our marketing and educational assets can help transform practices. Our low-touch treatments, rental and retail opportunities and commitment to the safety of your patients is second to none. We look forward to sharing more about all we have to offer and answering practitioner questions at our upcoming webinar. We hope to meet many of you there!”

Delegates can register to view the webinar here.


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