Dr Charlson outlines BCAM goals for 2019

31 Jan 2019

The president of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM), Dr Paul Charlson, has released a personal statement, reflecting on the achievements of 2018 and the goals of the organisation for 2019.

In the statement, Dr Charlson describes industry achievements last year, including the launch of the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners and the BCAM Academy, as well as the benefits of BCAM membership for 2019.

Dr Charlson stated, “A number of young medical and dental professionals are choosing aesthetics as a career without training in another field. BCAM has recognised this and has developed the BCAM Academy which provides a curriculum, mentorship and training partners culminating in an entrance examination into associate membership. This allows those who would not be eligible to become associates under the current rules to join BCAM. It also provides the public with assurance that the person concerned has demonstrated competence.”

Dr Charlson also reiterated his support of the JCCP, encouraging all BCAM members, and others in the aesthetic field, to get involved and join the voluntary register. He said, “BCAM will continue to be permanent members of the JCCP and as such, will work closely with them on matters of regulation. It is our goal to ensure both practitioners and training organisations work to correct standards but also to ensure that registration is not too complex. We are also meeting with the Government to push for regulation to have as much force as possible.”

Dr Charlson also detailed the benefits of joining BCAM in 2019. He said, “BCAM hosts an excellent annual member’s conference, which is scientific evidence based and moving away from anecdote. Membership confers support when members get into difficulty and a community of like-minded professionals.”


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