Frénésies releases three-step skincare range

31 Jan 2019

Skincare company, Frénésies has launched the 3 Zone Facial Kit. The three products are designed to be used together, aiming to treat and target individual skin concerns.

The first product is the Advanced Anti-Ageing Cream, which the company states, works to increase cellular renewal and reduce pigmentation. The key ingredients are hyaluronic acid, apple peel extract and avocado oil, which aim to improve the skins elasticity and calm inflammation.

The Active Nutri-Intensive Cream is the second part of the regime, which is is designed to be used overnight. It contains retinol and vitamin F to increase skin regeneration.

Ultra Light Contour Gel is the third and final step of this regime. Frénésies state that this formula contains hyaluronic acid and parsley extract containing vitamin A, C and K, which aim to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries and enhancing the skin’s radiance.

Ben Lumelsky, partner and head of business development at Frénésies said, “Science and the skin has always been our passion; creating all-natural products that provide a targeted solution to skin concerns is at the core of what we do. After a successful hair-reduction range, we saw the potential for our innovative and scientific methods to be applied to skincare to create a unique and functional results-driven product line.”


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