Hamilton Fraser releases statement on reopening clinics

10 Jul 2020

Following the Government announcement allowing some beauty related services to resume on July 13, insurance provider Hamilton Fraser has issued new advice for medical aesthetic clinics.

CEO of Hamilton Fraser Eddie Hooker and associate director of Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance Mark Copsey said in a joint statement, “There will continue to be restrictions on the treatment of certain procedures, notably those surrounding the face, so before you make any decision to reopen you should carefully consider all of the applicable guidance issued by the Government, Public Health England, the NHS and any additional guidance issued by your regulator(s) or professional body, Chief Professional Officers or any other relevant or applicable guidance.”

Hamilton Fraser confirmed to its clients that previous advice is still relevant for reopening:

  • You remain a registered professional healthcare provider
  • You adhere to (or by virtue of your professional body advice, exceed) the requirements of any applicable guidance, including that issued by or on behalf of the Government and Public Health England, and that you take into account (where appropriate) nuances in the guidance that is relevant to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, where devolved positions may differ
  • You carry out an informed and documented risk assessment in relation to COVID-19, the risks that it poses and the consequent need, amongst other things, for stringent hygiene measures, the use of personal protective equipment and the need for appropriate social distancing
  • You undertake a full patient selection and consent process for each treatment you undertake which should include questions relating to COVID-19 vulnerable and self-isolating individuals

Hamilton Fraser stated that by considering all relevant guidance, practitioners should be subject to the usual terms and conditions of their policy and consider claims in the usual way. 


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