IBSA shares new assessment and treatment concept

23 Jun 2020

IBSA Derma launched a new concept for facial assessment, communication and treatment for millennial patients at its first Virtual Conference on June 12-15 called MYVolution.

Around 3,000 delegates from 65 different countries attended the Virtual Conference and learnt about the new concept, as well as the latest injection techniques and product updates.

The MYVolution approach was inspired by the Instagram selfie culture of millennials to achieve ‘a better version of themselves’. It does this by focusing on specific facial areas and using small amounts of Aliaxin hyaluronic acid to convert the patients’ 2D image into their real life 3D image.

MYVolution App is used to help identify the patient’s facial shape as triangular, round and rectangular so that practitioners can proceed with a tailor-made consultation of the areas to be enhanced and involve patients in the decision-making process.

According to the company, MYVolution has more of a female treatment approach and can be used for patients of all ethnicities.

Italian plastic surgeon Dr Riccardo Forte stated, "Our aim with this project was to do something innovative, extremely practical, straightforward and addressed to everyday practice. The idea is also to challenge the trend that seems to be so very much recommended these days: massive filler implants based on hyaluronic acid."

He added, "We, on the other hand, want to reach out to all those who wish to simplify processes while, at the same time, achieving good, if not excellent, results through a more accessible quantity of product and a minimally-invasive profile. We therefore came up with something new, something that would take stock of market changes and of the past decade’s transformation in the sense of aesthetics.”

Iveta Vinklerova, director of HA-Derma, said, “IBSA continues with its innovation by reaching out to customers during these unprecedented times by organising a virtual congress. The feedback we received was fantastic and practitioners welcomed this new approach to communication. During the congress the MYVolution concept was launched, which is all about seeing yourself in 3D, while highlighting your best features. Aliaxin LV will be available from HA-Derma and our exclusive pharmacy partners in the UK and Ireland from July 1.”


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