MedixSysteme AG launches new fat treatment device

20 Mar 2019

Medical equipment manufacturer MedixSysteme AG has launched the Ultracontour NG, a focused ultrasonic vibrating energy-based platform that aims to treat subcutaneous fat in the arms, stomach, legs, buttock and flanks.

It also aims to tone, reshape and thicken collagen. MedixSysteme AG states that the treatment is delivered within 20 minutes and features 20 ultrasonic mechanical drainage effect (UMD) emitters. Two of the emitters, which are handheld, feature high-focalised fractionated ultrasound that allow practitioners to target the precise distance of the local adiposity from between 0.8cm to 1.3cm. The remaining 18 emit an ultrasonic pulsed vibration, which are suitable on larger areas. The operator can choose up to five levels of UMD’s power, based on areas treated and fat thickness.


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