Minerva Research Labs launches nutrition assessment service

01 Aug 2019

Pharmacy John Bell & Croydon has launched an in-clinic assessment service that will focus on nutrition and lifestyle habits, hosted by Minerva Research Labs’ nutritionist Dr Vidhi Patel.

The service, called the Bespoke Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment, will explore in 90 minutes how nutrition and lifestyle affects the body, skin, hair and nails by using a non-invasive scan called the Electro Interstitial Scanner (EIS) which will show specific imbalances such as vitamins, serotonin, minerals and hormones, as well as aim to detect any organs that are not functioning correctly.

Dr Vidhi said, “It is a simple and pain-free process in which you can sit comfortably and at ease as the system scans your body. Once the scan is complete, we will thoroughly review the results and prepare a personalised assessment to help rectify any imbalances by identifying what the best eating and drinking needs are for your body.”

Alexander Johnston, general manager at John Bell & Croydon added, “We are delighted to be able to offer the EIS scanner as part of our InResidence Nutrition Clinic. It is a bespoke evidence-based approach that provides personalised solutions and treatments and is just another example of how we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what a modern pharmacy should offer.”

The service will be available at John Bell & Croyden’s InResidence Nutrition Clinic in Marylebone every Thursday from 10am-5pm. 


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