New aesthetic treatment emerges from podiatry industry

02 Aug 2022

Medical equipment supplier Emblation’s Swift micro-wave treatment device is to make a crossover from podiatry to aesthetics.

The microwave technology is most commonly used to treat verrucae and warts, but ongoing research indicates its efficacy in the treatment of skin conditions such as pre-cancerous skin lesions, as well as potential seborrheic keratosis.

In 2020, a study was conducted to ascertain the efficacy of the Swift device in treating actinic keratosis (AK) skin lesions. Of 11 participants, each with an average of 10 AKs, a significantly higher proportion of the lesions treated with the microwave device were either fully or partially resolved compared to those left untreated.

MySkyn Clinic in Bradford is the first aesthetic clinic in the UK to use the device to treat skin conditions.

Gary Beale, co-founder of Emblation, said, “We have dramatically changed the landscape for podiatrists and for verrucae patients since launching in 2016. With our first venture into dermal and aesthetic clinics, we hope to deliver similar, seismic improvement for patients with a range of skin lesions over the coming years.”


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