New booking system InDesk launches at ACE 

21 Jan 2022

Private healthcare search engine is launching a new booking system at the Aesthetics Conference & Exhibition (ACE) on March 11-12, as well as sponsoring the café at the event.

The booking system, named InDesk, is designed to answer every phone call, email and social media post received by the clinic, which reduces the number of voicemails to be listened to and followed up later. According to the company, the clinic will forward its telephone number, email address, website forms and social media interactions to the dedicated InDesk patient concierge team. This team will answer all enquiries in real time within the opening hours of InDesk. Appointments will be booked directly into the clinic’s patient management system. Any queries that the team are unable to answer will be forwarded to the clinic, all non-treatment enquiries will be summarised and sent to the clinic and the InDesk team will reach out to all appointments at least four times prior to the appointment date, the company explains.

Each InDesk customer will have access to the total volume of enquiries received and answered, confirmed bookings and conversion rates.

David Roe, CEO of InDesk, said, “We are excited to be showing our new product InDesk at ACE. We think it is going to excite clinic owners and managers and we can’t wait to finally be able to show it to our customers in person. We want to show clinics how we can help save them time and make more bookings, simply and easily. Being the café sponsor at ACE is the first chance we’re going to get to do that in person and we just can’t wait to meet everyone there.”


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