New British-manufactured cosmeceutical range launches

29 May 2020

Product manufacturer LABthetics has launched a new cosmeceutical range for clinics in the UK.

The Yorkshire-based company explains that the range comprises nine professional products, including two chemical peels, which have been designed to work in synergy with the home-care system.

Featured in the range is a vitamin A renewal cream, which works as a six-step system aiming to introduce retinol to the skin in stages. Also included in the range is a vitamin C 10% l-ascorbic acid with ferulic acid, and a zinc oxide moisturiser that aims to shield the skin from the environment.

Aesthetic nurse Kate Bancroft has been offering the vitamin A product to patients and said, “When patients come into clinic, following an initial consultation to assess their skin concerns, I tend to recommend LABthetics Vitamin A Renewal Cream Step System. The easy-to-follow step system is perfect for those new to using vitamin A and works to achieve incredible results in a variety of skin concerns. With superior antiageing, antioxidant action and free radical-fighting properties, this innovative and progressive step system treats acne, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and more, whilst also minimising the likelihood of irritation, dry and flaky skin.”

Emma Caine, who co-founded LABthetics with her brother Jack Caine, commented, “Our products are British made and we manufacture them ourselves in-house. We use the highest quality ingredients and high potent actives. We have developed the range to be affordable and sustainable using recyclable packaging. Our formulas are not tested on animals, with many of our products being vegan. They are free from palm oils, silicones, micro-beads and parabens.”

She added, “We understand incorporating a new skincare brand into a clinic can be costly, we have made our home care and clinical packages affordable with no minimum order quantities, we offer local clinic deliveries and always deal with our clinics direct to give the best possible LABthetics experience.” 


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