New cadaver training course launches

04 Feb 2020

A new training company called Anatomy and Aesthetics has been launched by aesthetic nurse and Aesthetics Media’s clinical advisory board member Jackie Partridge as well as consultant maxillofacial and cleft lip palate surgeon Mr Mark Devlin, and consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon Mr Jeff Downie.

The first training sessions will take place at The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh on April 25 and September 5, and Queen’s University Belfast on March 21 and June 13.

Delegates can expect a full day of cadaver training, as well as an injection techniques demonstration, and information on product science, complication and avoidance management, and patient assessment and product choice.

Surgical demonstrations will also be included to allow practitioners the opportunity to see various surgical treatments take place such as blepharoplasty and face lifts. The company explains that this will enable practitioners to understand what can be achieved both surgically and non-surgically, and what will be involved in such treatments should patients decide to go for a surgical approach.

Mr Devlin said, “I believe that an understanding of anatomy is central to successful clinical practice. To have the opportunity to develop courses to meet the needs of colleagues is an exciting prospect. Our passion for anatomy and teaching, combined with the participation from delegates will make for successful educational events with the right amount of fun involved.”


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