New plant-derived rejuvenation product launches

A plant-derived solution named Fraxin has been launched into the aesthetics market aiming to address signs of ageing.

According to the company, the solution took eight years of research to perfect and can be administered topically, via microneedle or hydra stamp. Fraxin is classified as a herbal remedy and is available in a powder form containing a 100% mixture of spilanthol extract and toosendanin extract that are dissolved in saline or distilled water. 

The company states that spilanthol has well documented myorelaxant properties and is used in a number of anti-wrinkle products, while toosendanin is a highly effective acetylcholine blocker at both the neuromuscular junction and the central synapses, the same process of botulinum toxin. The company notes that currently Fraxin should not be administered through subcutaneous injection and should only be offered after
a face-to-face consultation and must be prepared at the premises of the

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