On the Scene: BioDerma Pigmentbio launch, London

26 Feb 2020

On February 13, pharmaceutical company BioDerma hosted a product launch for the Pigmentbio skincare range.

Journalists, influencers and healthcare professionals were welcomed into the AllBright hotel, Mayfair, by company representatives.

Consultant dermatologist and dermatological surgeon Dr Emma Craythorne started the proceedings with a presentation on facial pigmentation, offering attendees the opportunity to learn more about skin balance.

This was then followed by a talk from Sebastien Pergeaux, medical manager at NAOS UK, the distributor of BioDerma products, who discussed each individual product and detailed the benefits of each.

Alexia Medlock, brand manager for Bioderma UK, said, “For the Pigmentbio range, we took inspiration from two things. Firstly, the skin and how the skin works. We consider the skin as an ecosystem, so we try to understand how it interacts with the environment. We also took inspiration from a treatment called Kligman’s trio. With specific active ingredients and LumiReveal technology, specific to BioDerma products, we trigger the three stages of pigmentation.”

The Pigmentbio range will be available for general purchase in April. 


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