On the scene: HA-Derma Cadaver Workshop, Keele

17 Jul 2019

On June 15 and 16, HA-Derma, IBSA’s UK and Ireland exclusive distributor and training provider, invited practitioners to Keele University for a training session on full facial anatomy and dissection.

The two-day event was led by aesthetic practitioner Dr Beatriz Molina and consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon Mr Ansar Mahmood. The range of topics covered included understanding of anatomy to optimise injection techniques, danger zones, live dissections and discussions of techniques for the upper third, middle third and lower third of the face.

The delegates were also given the opportunity to undergo hands-on sessions, under supervision, to improve their skills whilst using the company’s portfolio of products: dermal filler Aliaxin, hyaluronic acids Profhilo and Viscoderm Hydrobooster.

The social programme included dinners for all to attend in the historic Crewe Hall in Cheshire.


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