On the Scene: VIVACY Masterclass, London

07 Nov 2019

French injectable manufacturer Laboratoires VIVACY held a Masterclass for around 40 practitioners in London on October 29 at Hallam Conference Centre.

Titled ‘4D ELEMENTS CONCEPT for Safe & Natural Beautification’ the event was the biggest held in the UK by Vivacy yet. It aimed to educate aesthetic practitioners on the STYLAGE hyaluronic acid dermal filler range and best uses in practice.

The day included talks from scientific director of Vivacy, Denis Couchourel, who explained the rheology of the STYLAGE products, and how they are best used in different areas. He explained that the property of the product changes according to the concentration of HA, its molecular weight and the crosslinking.

Plastic surgeon Miss Mimi Ehrenreich from Israel presented on patient communication, highlighting the need for practitioners to build a positive relationship. She also discussed the artistic side of aesthetics and how to look at a patient’s shape, shadow, proportion, symmetry and skin texture for beautiful, natural results. Finally, Miss Ehrenreich explored the importance of facial movement when performing aesthetic treatments, highlighting the need to choose the right products in specific areas.

There was also a combined talk by Couchourel and Miss Ehrenreich on complications, explaining how to prevent and manage should they occur.

The presentations were followed by two live demonstrations, showcasing cheek enhancement and nasolabial fold correction and a tear trough treatment through mid-face volumisation.

Charlotte Cottard, commercial and logistics assistant at Vivacy UK, said of the event, “This was the first time that Vivacy has organised an event of this scale in the UK and we were really happy with how it went. We hope to organise more events like this, perhaps two or three times a year, to support as many practitioners as we can. We are looking forward to bringing over more doctors from overseas and showcasing different techniques.”

Dr Rahul Shah, from Face&Skin clinic, who attended the Vivacy Masterclass, said of his experience, “The presentations were clear, the teaching methods and live demonstrations were great. The three key messages I took from this Masterclass were the importance of using positive messages during consultations with patients, not to chase lines and rather to treat the underlying causes and to use expressions and movement to highlight potential issues in the face.”


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