Practitioners encouraged to take part in diversity survey

10 Jun 2020

Aesthetic practitioner Dr Amiee Vyas is asking fellow clinicians to take part in her survey on skin of colour diversity in medical aesthetics.

Dr Amiee Vyas

Supported by Aesthetics, the survey aims to better understand practitioners' views on whether people with skin of colour are appropriately represented in the specialty and how confident they feel in treating skin of colour patients. 

Please take part in the two-minute survey by clicking here.

Dr Vyas ran a similar poll on her Instagram account which found that 94% of respondents do not believe people with skin of colour are represented. She is now working on a wider campaign to improve representation and diversity within medical aesthetics. 

"We need to cater to everyone equally, without excluding any demographic and build a community which works together to empower practitioners to treat skin of colour and refer to experts, as well as empowering practitioners of colour," said Dr Vyas. 

She continued, "One of the key issues I want to address is that it should not solely be the responsibility of one demographic to treat their own. I want to open up the conversation and support practitioners in a practical way, to make this a sustainable change beyond a black square on social media."

Dr Vyas has reached out to a number of industry colleagues who have enthusiastically supported the initiative. Going forward, she plans to create learning events and panel discussions for practitioners. 

Editor of Aesthetics Chloé Gronow said, "The team and I are proud to support Dr Vyas with this worthy campaign by helping her to reach a wider audience through the journal and our social media platforms. We have a large following of aesthetic practitioners and hope they will give up two minutes of their day to participate in the survey and help give us a better understanding of the work to be done to improve skin colour diversity in medical aesthetics." 

Click here to complete the survey!


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