Proto-col portfolio expands

07 Aug 2019

British skincare company Proto-col has announced a new sub-brand designed specifically for salons, spas and skincare clinics called Proto-col Clinical.

The brand will see the launch of higher strength collagen drinks and vegan superfood supplements, which, according to the company, aim to enable practitioners to deliver new treatments, as well as support business growth through extended sales opportunities. As well as this, Proto-col will be launching the Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Capsules in September. The capsules use 2,500mg of Verisol bioactive collagen peptide and 50mg of hyaluronic acid. Proto-col explains that the product is designed to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improve skin’s elasticity and promote cell proliferation in fibroblasts.

Founder and CEO of proto-col, James Greenwell, said, “Innovative collagen technology has always been central to what we do at proto-col and this new sub-brand will enable us to focus on clinical formulations in high concentrations. The launch marks an important milestone within our organisation and the focus of the new Clinical range is a testament to the confidence that the industry is showing in the proto-col brand.’’


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