Skinade manufacturing site, St Margarets

25 Apr 2022

On April 5, Aesthetics was invited to the Skinade global headquarters in St Margarets, London, to see first-hand how the award-winning Skinade skincare drinks are manufactured.

Despite nearly two years of forced closures and disruption due to the pandemic, Skinade have built and launched two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in London and Washington, with the capability of producing 46 million units of Skinade bottles per year. The family-run company has certainly come a long way from the tiny start-up in 2013. 

Upon arrival at the site, Skinade enforce strict biological protocols to ensure the highest food safety standards. Skinade report that according to their onsite tests, even a clean pair of hands carries a bacterial count of over 1,500 – the target is less than five! Inside the factory clean rooms, there are HEPA filter positive pressure environments and no jewellery can be worn. 

Hands must be thoroughly washed, and a protective coat, shoes, and hair net coverings must be worn. Manufacturing professional grade nutraceuticals demands the highest quality ingredients. Skinade create their own water using industrial level reverse osmosis membrane units – tap water contains too many impurities. 

In the first clean room, the patented formulation is made using a high velocity entrainment process, combining peptides with added ingredients such as vitamin C, methylsulfonylmethane, l-lysine, vitamin B complex and omegas 3 and 6; accuracy is crucial. This solution is then piped into the second clean room where the bottle production line begins. In-house trained production staff operate the line checking quality control and full track and trace.

Piers Raper, CEO and founder of Skinade, explains, “Our product is designed to trigger a physiological response in the body to stimulate natural production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid with an overall aim of normalising skin function. One of the reasons our product works so well is that all ingredients in the drink are in solution, achieving a bioavailability of more than 95%. This is only made possible through the liquid engineering process we have designed.”

Skinade will also be exhibiting at Beauty Uncovered LIVE from May 7-8 at the Business Design Centre. Raper continues, “We have provided limited-edition branded Skinade bottles for Beauty Uncovered LIVE. You can find us at the Skinade bar, where all show attendees are entitled to a bottle. We’re very excited to see everyone there!”


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