Study reveals most flattering Instagram filters

13 Aug 2019

A study conducted by Aesthetic Surgery Journal has assessed popular Instagram filters to determine what respondents deem to be the most and least flattering and youthful.

The study consisted of 78 respondents who analysed standardised photos of women that were altered with popular Instagram filters. Out of the 20 filters that Instagram currently offers, the most flattering was Juno scoring 69% and the most youthful was Reyes with 58%. The least flattering filter was Hefe with 75% of respondents stating so and the least youthful was Perpetua with 67%.

The author of the study, plastic surgeon Mr Anthony Youn, said the filters that were found to produce the most youthful and flattering face caused the subject’s face to be brighter, smoothed imperfections and accentuated light colours. However, the least flattering and youthful darkened the photos and increased contrast and shadows, he said. 

Mr Youn commented, "As plastic surgeons, we are always searching for better ways to communicate with our patients, so we can understand their particular desires. Photo filters are here to stay. Determining the ideal Instagram filters can give us insight into more than just the desired surgical or non-surgical cosmetic outcome, but what our society as a whole considers flattering and desirable."


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