Teoxane launches new products in LipUnique Collection

Swiss aesthetic manufacturer Teoxane has added the Teosyal RHA KISS hyaluronic acid dermal filler (0.7ml) and the [3D] Lip cosmeceutical to its LipUnique Collection.

The LipUnique Collection consists of six products aiming to provide a flexible toolkit for practitioners to create bespoke, natural and dynamic results. The range includes Teosyal RHA 1, Teosyal RHA 2, the new Teosyal RHA KISS, Teosyal RHA 3, Teosyal PURESENSE KISS, and the new [3D] Lip cosmeceutical.

According to Teoxane, the new Teosyal RHA KISS has high stretch and medium strength and is designed for subtle, dynamic lip reshaping using a small amount of gel. Teoxane states that it offers the same composition and rheological properties of RHA 2, but with the added benefit of a smaller volume of 0.7ml.

The [3D] Lip aims to nourish and hydrate lips to maintain glow and natural plumpness between in-clinic treatments. It contains HA and collagen microspheres, ceramide 2 and matrikine complex, and shea butter unsaponifiable.

Jordan Sheals, deputy general manager at Teoxane UK commented, “In the pursuit of excellence and innovation, the DNA of TEOXANE allows us to create innovative premium hyaluronic acid gels that enhance clinical excellence and are at the forefront of patient safety. This has been the driving force of our company and is reinforced once again in the positioning of unique lip products that are bespoke to the patient’s needs. Because every smile is unique, every treatment should be personalised. With the addition of our NEW Teosyal RHA KISS and the [3D] Lip cosmeceutical, the Teoxane LipUnique Collection offers a truly flexible portfolio of HA products to achieve the safe, effective outcome that the patient desires, whatever that may be.”

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