UK supplement company introduces vegan collagen booster

26 Feb 2019

A new vegan collagen booster has been introduced by vitamin supplement company Rejuvenated, called Botani-col.

According to the company, it has developed a plant amino acid protein in the same ratio as those within collagens. Botani-col aims to support the fascia, promote healing and wound repair, improve digestion, promote a healthy metabolism, and support cardiovascular and joint health. In addition, it aims to alleviate a number of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and eczema, while preventing oxidative stress. Rejuvenated currently offers Botani-col in capsule form, called the Skin Perfecting Complex. The company intends to introduce further collagen-boosting supplements that can be added to a number of products including creams and drinks. Kathryn Danzey, founder of Rejuvenated said, “We had already sourced a vegetarian collagen from egg protein. However, the demand for consumers wanting animal-free products has increased dramatically. Many are opting for a flexitarian diet where they opt to cut out animal protein in certain areas of their life and beauty is one of these areas. We are excited to have the first product to offer a solution for these customers.”


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