Instagram video raises concern over tear trough techniques

20 Jan 2022

A recent video on social media showing dermal filler being injected into the tear trough through the mouth has sparked concern among practitioners.

The video was published on Instagram Reels and shows a patient having tear trough filler injected into their face through the mouth by a US-based facial plastic surgeon. The video claims that the technique results in ‘zero pain and helps to minimise and eliminate the chance of bruising.’

Aesthetic practitioner Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann commented, “The mouth is a haven for bacteria in all patients and inoculating an injectable implant with mouth germs on its way to a delicate area such as the eye spells bad news! My concern is that there are more effective and less risky (and more direct) access points that don’t present such avoidable hazards. Furthermore, I doubt the mouth has been adequately disinfected or checked for prior pathology (and neither would this be within the scope of practice for all practitioners except for dentists). I think this is a classic scenario where the ‘wild’ idea is not pioneering but may end up causing the patient significant harm. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”


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