Advertorial: Gerard’s Cosmetic Culture New Holistic Skincare Launches

09 Mar 2020

Introducing the new holistic Gerard’s Cosmetic Culture skincare to the UK market

About Gerard’s Cosmetic Culture

Skincare brand Gerard’s is bringing Italian innovations to the UK, with its exciting introduction to the market and the launch of two new ranges. A pioneer in the beauty and personal wellbeing industry, Gerard’s was founded in the Franciacorta region of Italy in 1970, with the aim to utilise eco-friendly elements. The company combines nature with cosmetic technologies to deliver long term and immediate results, with a portfolio of products that provide a holistic approach to skin ageing. When creating products, Gerard’s has three principal objectives:

  1. To prevent and block the appearance of imperfections and signs of ageing skin
  2. To protect the skin from irreversible ageing caused by internal factors
  3. To fight imperfections

With this in mind, two new ranges have been designed to reflect their new-age approach, placing value on the individual and maintaining the beauty and radiance of the skin.


Gerard’s laboratories are the first professional and retail system to create a product which reprogrammes the skin’s age with incredible resurfacing effects. The Recreage Multi-Acid Complex programme uses the regenerating properties of alpha-hydroxy acid and epigenetic technology, designed to transform the skin’s overall appearance.

The range consists of three products:

  • Recreage Perfecting Face Cream with epigenetic action, transforming uneven skin tone with a flawless effect by combining glycolic acid and the replenishing complex of elastin and collagen.
  • Recreage Ultra Replenishing Night Cream with perfecting action; single-dose ampoules with a lightweight and fine texture that blend onto skin, perfecting it with an immediate filler effect and silky skin feel.
  • Recreage Ultra Replenishing Face Programme with epigenetic action, incorporating single-dose ampoules with a transparent and clear texture to perfect the skin with an intense smoothing and illuminating action, using triple acid peel complex, curculigo orchid extract and the astringent properties of lemon.

The key component within all three formulas is the epigenetic active ingredient RNAgeTM. This guarantees anti-gravity action and regulates cutaneous architecture, optimising the regeneration of cellular DNA and stimulating the production of youth protein. In just four sessions, the face restores its natural compactness and radiance, complexion becomes more uniform, texture is smoothened and pore sizes are minimised.

Mood Masks

Gerard’s has also designed five extraordinary single-dose masks, which take care of both the skin and the mind by incorporating aroma therapeutic ingredients. The formulas are paraben, petrolatum and silicon free. Research shows that there is a 40% improvement in mood after being exposed to pleasant scents.

Patients can choose what mask they want depending on what mood they are in, with a choice from:

  • Zen Mood: a mousse face mask with purifying and reoxygenating action
  • Party Mood: a gel face mask with illuminating and lifting action
  • Sleepy Mood: a night face mask with ultra-regenerating action
  • Sweetie Mood: a sheet face mask with de-stressing and unifying action
  • Sharing Mood: a scrub face mask with exfoliating and energising action

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