Advertorial: Lumenis ULTRApulse® Alpha makes UK Debut

25 May 2023

WOW patients and providers with versatile technology from Lumenis

Ablative laser skin resurfacing treatments average considerably higher revenue in a single session relative to other technologies, and provide patients with incredible results.1 Propelled by exceptional market growth and high patient demand for effective, non-invasive solutions with minimal downtime and efficient healing, industry innovator and technology pioneer Lumenis is launching a new, state-of-the-art CO2 laser to its impressive portfolio of devices.

The Lumenis ULTRApulse® Alpha brings CO2 precision and power to a variety of aesthetic settings. Complete with easy-to-use pre-sets for treatments ranging from skin resurfacing to scar revision, and even minimally invasive aesthetic surgeries like blepharoplasty, Lumenis’ leading technology, experience and track record are all evident in the new ULTRApulse® Alpha. While many other laser skin treatments require numerous visits to achieve noticeable results, ULTRApulse® Alpha can demonstrate remarkable results after only one treatment.

“After comparing all fractional-ablative devices, it turns out that the short pulse delivered by ULTRApulse® Alpha creates a deep-clean wound, while other devices are less powerful and might deliver more complications. Lumenis does such a great job, and the new ULTRApulse® Alpha is an amazing device that has upped the game with many new features.”

Dr Jill S. Waibel | Medical Director and Owner, Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, Miami

Straightforward results

With an ultramodern design, ULTRApulse® Alpha boasts the leading laser technology, perfected by the pioneers who introduced CO2 laser to aesthetics decades ago and have been the industry experts ever since. With a contemporary and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), complete with pre-sets and state-of-the-art automations designed for ease of use, ULTRApulse® Alpha is simple for both beginners and experts, allowing practitioners to achieve outstanding results while maintaining patient safety and comfort with minimal downtime.

Brilliant outcomes for patients and practitioners

ULTRApulse® Alpha combines the best CO2 laser technology with the most advanced and easy-to-use platform, allowing aesthetic practitioners to elevate their practice offering, treat a variety of indications and achieve WOW results in just one treatment. The device offers:

  • Perfect precision
  • Deepest impact with SCAARFX Mode
  • Ultra-modern user interface
  • Exceptional ablation/coagulation ratio
  • Proven efficacy in dozens of clinical studies and peer reviewed publications. 

Exceptional ablation/coagulation ratio

When ablation depth is equal, more energy leads to more excess heat in the tissue. ULTRApulse® Alpha technology facilitates the deepest penetration with the lowest energy. This reduces patient discomfort, downtime and thermal damage. ULTRApulse® Alpha also enables ultra-short pulses per energy level, further enhancing patient comfort.

This advertorial was written and supplied by Lumenis

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