In The Life Of Tapan Patel

By Shannon Kilgariff / 25 Nov 2020

The man behind the multi-award winning PHI Clinic shares an insight into his daily clinical life

I am a very early riser…

My day starts at 4:30am every morning, even on the weekends, and what gets me out of bed is my keen appreciation for fine coffee. In the mornings I catch up on my reading until about 6:30am. This can be medical, aesthetic or lifestyle related, or perhaps just a book I happen to be reading. I love the feel of paper and the printed word, and this time in the mornings is really anti-gadgets – no phone, no emails, or computer – just paper! Increasingly, I am also combining a bit of mindfulness into this time – yoga, meditation and breathing exercises.

At 6:30am I go to the gym for about an hour. I alternate resistance machines on one day with cardio the next – usually I run on the treadmill. Then I go home to get ready for work. Something I have been really getting into recently is cold immersion – there is an idea that cold water has multiple benefits for the body so I will have the coldest possible shower I can for a good five to 10 minutes, irrespective of the weather. There are studies that show that it improves mood, immunity, willpower and discipline and I can relate to this – it’s not something I look forward to, but really sets me up for the day.

After my morning vegan breakfast of oats, fruit, chia and flax seeds, and protein powder, I will prepare a plant-based lunch to take to work and will walk 7km from west London to PHI clinic on Harley Street – something I have started doing since COVID-19. As they say, ‘win the morning, win the day’ and this disciplined lifestyle is something I am really trying to embrace at the moment.

I drink endless cups of coffee in my working day…

I am at the clinic from around 10am until 6pm and my days are very varied; no two are the same! Before the pandemic I was doing an incredible amount of travelling – 20-30 trips abroad a year – to speak at international conferences or training for companies like Allergan. It wasn’t unusual for me to finish clinic and go to Heathrow airport straight after. This was fun and challenging, but also could be difficult and disruptive. Since COVID-19, putting a hold on this has been a welcome break and has been very grounding for me – I hope to find a good balance once travel returns.

During a typical clinic day I see three types of patients; those I need to consult, review and treat. The treatments I personally do are specific full-face advanced injectable procedures for patients who really want a total makeover. I am very well-known for having a wide variety of aesthetic devices and have been heavily involved in bringing many to the UK. The devices I currently use the most day-to-day are for diagnostic purposes. I am very pedantic about recording everything and so I have not one, but several imaging devices that all do different things. I have a VISIA for skin analysis, a VECTRA for 3D imaging, FotoFinder for consistency and I also use my own camera to take more creative or specific images.

Throughout my day it’s not uncommon to have a meeting or two as I work with a lot with companies and teach for them. Recently I have had a lot of meetings with TV producers because I have been taking part in 10 Years Younger in 10 Days, which I have loved. On the days we are filming I will just book a whole day out of clinic.

I also run my own aesthetic training academy. In 2017 I launched an online training platform called e-MASTR. We recently rebranded and relaunched as PHI College which involves both online and in-clinic training, so my day will usually involve some kind of work on this. What is very pivotal in my day is my team. I am not, by nature, a very organised person as I have so much going on, so my excellent team allows me to really focus on the tasks at hand. Without them, if I was doing all of this on my own, my day would be impossible!

My evenings are relaxed…

I walk home and arrive at about 7:30pm. I try to spend this time doing something I enjoy – a small pleasurable thing. It could be that I cook something nice, or I like to draw, paint or sketch. During summer I was taking a lot of outdoor walks and just exploring London. I am also learning Italian on an app, so might do that while I walk.

I go to bed relatively early at about 9:30 or 10pm. This contrasts a lot to how I used to live, which was completely the opposite; very late nights and blurry-eyed starts, usually travelling at 5,000 miles per hour!

I am really focusing on looking after my health at the moment. In the past I probably did hours and days that were quite detrimental in the long run. I would probably tell my younger self not to rush things so much, but I think I have managed to pull back and slow down a bit, which has been a really positive thing for me.

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