Introducing Beyond Beauty

By Chloé Gronow / 08 Mar 2021

What your patients can expect from our new magazine dedicated to aesthetics and cosmetic surgery

Trout pouts, pillow faces and botched jobs tend to fill mainstream media’s coverage of our specialty. This is so frustrating when we know the subtle yet life-changing results that can be achieved when aesthetic treatments are performed well.

In addition, social media is generally dominated by young influencers’ accounts of treatment, which can leave the older generation wondering whether aesthetics is right for them and hesitant to talk openly about their experiences. We want to change this.

Our new magazine, Beyond Beauty, has three key aims. These are to:

• Enhance Knowledge

• Build Trust

• Promote Positivity

In each issue – released quarterly – we’ll be highlighting real-life stories from patients of all genders, ages and skin colours, so EVERYONE can learn about how aesthetic treatments and cosmetic surgery can help them. We’ll breakdown the science and remove all the fluff to educate consumers on what’s available and how to choose a trustworthy practitioner in this dangerously unregulated market.

How will this help you?

Readers will close Beyond Beauty feeling well-informed and inspired to talk confidently about their aesthetic choices. For you, this will mean more loyal patients and word-of-mouth referrals, as the hush-hush nature of the specialty begins to change.

In the future, there will also be the opportunity to retail Beyond Beauty from your clinics. You’ll simply purchase copies in bulk at a discounted rate, before selling the magazine at a profitable RRP from your reception desk and website!

What to expect from our first issue…

• A myth-buster masterclass to put an end to common misinformation

• Dermal filler definitions – an explanation of the benefits and risks of filler

• Reviews of some of the leading cleansers on the market

• Advice on recognising body dysmorphic disorder in friends

• Top tips for men to follow a simple skincare routine

PLUS… An exclusive interview with one of the most well-known and respected beauty journalists in the UK, and so much more!

 So, how do you get your hands on a copy for you patients?

Tell them to visit by March 15 to get their first copy FREE!

You can display the poster received with this journal in your clinic window to further encourage them.

We’ll also:

  • Send all medical professional and Full Member journal subscribers a HTML email that you can forward to your patients for them to subscribe
  • Share Instagram posts on @aestheticsjournaluk and @beyondbeauty_mag that you can repost with subscription instructions

All medical professional and Full Member subscribers will also receive a free copy of Beyond Beauty with their April journal to get a taster of what patients can expect!

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