SPONSORED: 60 seconds with Dr Kim Booysen

By Shannon Kilgariff / 20 Dec 2019

Dr Kim Booysen, aesthetic practitioner

Why did you choose to work in aesthetic medicine?

I fell in love with aesthetics because it allows me to still practice medicine but without the pressures I experienced in emergency medicine, something I have heard other practitioners mention. Aesthetics allows me to treat the side effects of ageing and skin conditions, diagnosing the cause of these symptoms, planning and executing a treatment and dealing with any complications and adapting the treatment as the patient journey progresses. So for me, the clinical aspect is still there, but with the added advantages of happy patients who I have time to get to know and build long-standing, trustworthy relationships with. The science of aesthetic products is also fascinating and with new treatments emerging daily, the science just keeps getting better.

What does it mean to be a Merz Innovation Partner?

Having worked with Merz as a Field Clinical Specialist, I was honoured to be asked to become involved in their new training initiative. The Merz Innovation Partners (MIPs) are all experienced and successful practitioners with a passion for education. Merz provided intensive product education with industry experts and the MIPs are now sharing this in-depth knowledge at various masterclasses. The MIP programme is a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge and work with some inspiring people.

What matters to you when it comes to education?

Understanding the science behind aesthetic products is key. I believe that aesthetic practitioners should understand their product’s composition and how they behave in the body. We learn the active ingredients and interactions of other prescription medications and we should aim for the same standard in aesthetics. Hearing innovators such as Dr Jurgen Frevert speak so passionately about the science behind the products, keeps me motivated to fully understand the products I choose for patients, allowing me to offer more effective treatments.

M-MA-UKI-0653 D.O.P November 2019 

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